First blog post, no really, it’s my first blog post

So, here it is, my first blog post.  We have been here in Germany for five weeks. So I have been a little slow on getting this thing started.  So much has happened during this first month, where to start?

We arrived without issue.  Dirk and Cheyenne came in the middle of July, they were Team Start up.  Sierra and I arrived on August 1st, we were team Clean up.  Neither team really won any awards for efficiency, but we are here, so that’s all that counts.

We are living in an apartment for the first time since I was 18, and the first time ever for my daughters.  It has been an adjustment to say the least, there are 4 flights of stairs…4!!!.  I break into a sweat by the 3rd floor every time.  On a positive note, Dirk and Sierra have both lost close to 20 lbs, and Cheyenne and I are at the 10lb mark.  The stairs still suck, but I have to get back to the apartment somehow after going to the bakery for breakfast goodies each and every day!

The language barrier is an issue.  Many people here do speak quite a bit of English, but learning the language is a big priority for us.  We started German language school this week and have 2 classes under our belts.  We can now introduce ourselves, say where we are from and announce that we speak English.  (Like that isn’t more than obvious!).  We have picked up a few other phrases that help us get around, but we have A LOT to learn.

The most exciting news is that we have found a location for our new tattoo shop!  Art of the Needle will be located in Brühl, Germany.  It should be up and running by the end of September.

The Family at the Cathedral 2017



37 thoughts on “First blog post, no really, it’s my first blog post

  1. You are going to have so much fun here 🙂 Especially with the language! My tattoo German is shit but feel free to drop me a line when you don’t understand the pillows, recycling system or anything else – I’m a profi now 😉


  2. What an adventure! And nice to meet another registered nurse blogger. I am an RN, too, and started my (mostly) humor blog in 2015. I have had a great time doing it and writing is my new passion. I just started working part-time as I gear up for retirement and love having more time to write. Are you retired from your nursing career at this point? Easy to get burned out – I’ve been at it for 38 years.

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    1. I like to say that my nursing career is just on hold for the moment. I plan to apply for my UK nursing license next year and possibly take travel positions in the UK to supplement our income as well as allow me to see some of the UK. But. for now I am very happy and satisfied being the Haus Frau that blogs about my new life.

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      1. It wasn’t too hard for me to walk away. I had stepped away slowly from the ER, still did some PRN work in ER’s but worked full-time as a Transfer Coordinator. Then, I took the big plunge and left that position to work in an Ortho office. Major culture shock! But by then I wasn’t having the ER withdraws like had had at first. Now, I am able to think of all the very fun times I had working in the various ER’s…but still dread the Office environment. Triage Phone Nursing is one of the 7 levels of Hell.

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      2. I worked for 12 years in various ED’s, did some time in the Jail(I worked there!!), Transfer Coordinator, Patient Placement, and then Ortho phone triage. Honestly, the phone triage job was the most stressful of all of my jobs. It totally took me over the edge of loving being a nurse, to looking for a job at the local Walmart to be the greeter,

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