The Struggle is Real: Welcome to Eternity

Last night, at Deutsch Schule, we received our test results from the previous Tuesday night class.  Let’s just say I am not going to win any awards for my language skills.  As a matter of fact, I may not pass my A1 test that will allow me to get a visa here in this country.  It’s amazing that I am able to buy a bus ticket on my own.  Well, in truth, I do still struggle with this task.  I still end up with the wrong ticket about once a week.  I only know so many words, and my interpretive dance moves do not seem to help explain this to the bus drivers.


I have always done well in school with very little effort.  For the most part, I have never really had to study to do well on a test.  The only part of Nursing School that was a struggle for me was dealing with the lunatic clinical instructors, the actual coursework itself was not that difficult.  Obtaining my B.S.N. was only difficult because it was so time consuming.  Writing useless papers, constant papers and projects while working full time and caring for my family was a struggle.  But again, the coursework itself was not difficult.

I really assumed that when I started to study German that I would pick it up easily, as I have with everything else that I have studied.  Here is it folks….I WAS WRONG.  So, wrong.  Mark Twain said it all.  I will be studying German for the rest of my life and beyond.


11 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real: Welcome to Eternity

    1. I know, right!?? I have had the Rosetta Stone for a few years, and I still struggle with the first lesson! I feel like I am understanding things while I am at my German Class, then I get home and it all leaks out of my brain. Why didn’t my parents have me learn a language when my brain was fresh and new as a child???

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  1. Oh my! A friend recently told me that there are PhD opportunities in Germany and I’ve been meaning to look into the possibilities BUT I don’t know if my old, hardened brain cells would be able to grasp German. I admire you for trying. Maybe I should start with duolingo and see how it goes? 🙂

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  2. Ha! I can completely relate! I’ve just about given up on learning Romanian. I know I probably should learn more of the language, but I’m afraid it would take away from my more important the more important blogging and Netflixing responsibilities.
    Good Luck to you!

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