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Hello out there! Before I left the States, I had several friends and co-workers suggest that I start this blog.  So, at their suggestion, I started writing about our lives so that I could take them all  along with me on our great adventure.  We have been here in Germany for almost 6 months now.  I have done my best to keep everyone up to date with our adventures. It has been awesome.  I wish I could share more pictures, but I am still without a phone.  Yes, that is correct, I am living a full and happy life without a cell phone in the year 2017/2018.  It can be done, but I do miss having a camera.  Until I have one, I will just have to rely on Dirk to snap some pictures for me when we are out and about exploring.  By that I mean, I probably won’t be sharing any pictures anytime soon because he never snaps photos when we are out and about.

The Holidays are over, and the New Year is in progress.  I managed to gain 1kg with all of my Holiday baking, drinking, eating, more baking and more drinking.(And I loved every minute of it!)  Although our winter here has been rather mild compared to our previous Michigan Winters, I am ready for Spring to come. It is too easy to hibernate in the winter, and I lose motivation.  I have BIG plans to turn my balcony in to a vertical veggie garden.

Cheyenne, Sierra and I will be done with A1.2 Deutschkurs next week.  Then comes the big test, the A.1 Language exam.  We need to pass this to proceed with our immigration process. Wish us luck, we will need it!(We are all signed up to start the A2 level in February.  It seems I will spend the rest of my life in school).23548244_1908374149426093_1914793614_n

Sierra will be leaving us next week to head back to the States to start the next phase of her life.  Please wish her luck as well.  If you see her, maybe slip her a fiver so she has some gas money.  Or have her over for dinner so that she isn’t eating Ramen Noodles everyday.(A mother can and will worry).

I have started adding some Monday Memory stories to my blog.  Stories from “back in the day” and stories of how Dirk and I met, fell in love and moved to Germany.  What are your thoughts?  Do you like the Monday Memories theme?  Should I continue with these stories?  Or should I stick more to our new life here In Germany?  Let me know what you like, I would love your suggestions!


41 thoughts on “Daily Life

  1. Living without a cell phone?? I’m so jealous…. I miss being able to be without my phone. But after my store got robbed twice this Christmas season and with my staff calling all the time… That’s not going to happen anytime soon! I think a balance between your life now with reflections of the past are both good! Where you came from and who you were the lead to where you are and who you are now, so it all works!!

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  2. What an amazing adventure you are on! You should also do a ‘school life’ post – I love going back to night school to learn something new although I do struggle with languages so I’ll stick to baking and creative writing 😉

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  3. You are seriously without a smartphone? I bow to thee! While I totally get the need to be offline, I wonder how I would manage without a smartphone. Then again, I guess it could be done. I lived 30 years without one 😉

    OOh all the best for the tests and hugs to the daughter as she wings her way back. 🙂

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  4. I wish Sierra best of luck… but ramennnnnnn…. ewwww… Maybe Ill give her kraft dinner instead…hahah… how are you managing with the language yikes. .. all the best with your test… I can hardly speak english properly… 🙊

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  5. Wow! A new country is a big enough shift, never mind no phone! I think I would find that exceptionally tough! Well done you.

    Happy to read whatever you feel inspired to write, just go with it 🙂

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  6. Love the Monday memories idea – more please! I wish I could entice my lot to part with their mobile phones for just 5 minutes…..they can’t understand how I can forget to take mine out, or leave it flat for days on end. My girl is sitting here practising fro a German oral exam this week….and I have no idea if what she says is correct or not. Her brother wants a crash course from her before his visit to Berlin in a couple of weeks – ha, ha, ha! Anyway fingers crossed you all pass – sure you’ll fly through x

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  7. Living in a new country without a smartphone… I meaaaannn… I’ve done it before, but now I wonder how it’s even possible! Just for the GPS and translation apps alone!!

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  8. I like that you care about letting your friends in on how your new location is…it’s thoughtful…..I have it on my bucket list to go a month without my mobile phone but till today, I still fret when I can’t find my phone for a tiny second

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