Top Ten Tuesday: Candy Bars

I know that I go on and on about how wonderful Germany is in every blog post that I make.  But, guess what?  It really is pretty awesome.  And I am here to give you another reason why I think Germany is the best.  Candy and Candy Bars.  That’s right!

I grew up in Michigan, but much of my Dad’s family is Canadian.  We would take road trips in the summer to visit them.  The trips involved very long car rides through endless fields and were actually dreadfully boring.  But, they always ended well. My Aunt Dot would always give me chocolates and other candies that I had never had before in the States.  Years before the Cabury Egg showed up in the United States, my Aunt had surprised me with one.  I was told that I had to wait until I was in the car, on the way home before I could open it. (My parents were thrilled at the idea of little Cherie eating a piece of chocolate in the car, but these were instructions from Aunt Dot and needed to be followed.) Imagine the amazement and pure joy that I experienced when I opened the egg and found that it looked like a real egg inside, with a little yellow yolk and all! As far as I was concerned, Canada was the land of exotic and delicious chocolates and candies.

Now, I am not saying that Canada doesn’t still offer some amazing access to chocolate and candy that is not found in the States.  I am just saying that I have hit the mother lode here in Germany!  I could go on and on about all of the amazing candies here, but I will try and keep it short and simple, and stick to chocolate.  These are my Top Ten Favorite Candy Bars here in Germany.

  1. Ritter Sport Knusperflakes.  Usually, I am just a straight up, plain chocolate kind of girl.  But this bar, with the delicious chocolate and corn flakes inside, wow.  Just wow.  I love this candy bar.
  2. Ritter Sport Kakoa-Mousse.  Ritter Sport, you have my heart….and my issue with Type II Diabetes. (Disclaimer, my Diabetes is not really caused by eating too many Ritter Sport bars.  I actually have my condition very well controlled).
  3. Milka Noisetta.  Delicious and creamy.  A little piece of Heaven.  I am serious.
  4. Milka Ganze Haselnüsse.  You just can’t go wrong with Hazelnuts and chocolate.
  5. Hanuta.  Wafers, chocolate, and hazelnuts.  Yum.
  6. Kinder Happy Hippos.  Hippo shaped chocolate goodness, you can’t go wrong.
  7. Duplo.  More chocolate, wafer and hazelnut cream.  You can see a theme here.
  8. Hanchez Arriba Orange.  77% Cocoa and orange.
  9. Kinder Bueno.  More hazelnut cream and chocolate.  I have a problem, I know.
  10. Niederegger Marzipan.  So many flavours and so delicious.


(This picture was taken of the box of chocolates that my in-laws gave me for Christmas this year.  They know me so well.)

I know you can get some flavours of Ritter Bars and Milka bars in the States, but not all of these flavours are available, and I am sorry for those of you that live there.  It makes me sad to know that you are living  in a country without access to amazing chocolate like we have here in Germany. (Oh, and that you have minimal access to affordable health care too.  But, that is a story for another blog post).

Here is a link to Ritter Sport so you can see for yourself all of their amazing chocolate bars.  Here is a look at just a few of Milka’s amazing offerings.  I am not receiving any payment or merchandise for my shameless plug for these candy bars, but I would gladly accept if it were to be offered.

So, what is your favourite candy bar of all time?  Can you narrow it down to just one? Clearly, I can not.


23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Candy Bars

  1. Oh go to Lubeck, home of Marzipan it’s amazing and not at all like the stuff that goes on cakes.

    If you can, try and get hold of an Ovomaltine bar. YUM!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ovomaltine is malty, Lubeck is the home of Niederegger and other hand made marzipan, with beautiful chocolate boutiques


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