The Day I Ate my Dental Work. Why do These Things Happen to me?

Today I spent 2 hours in a dental chair.  My new dentist and his staff were very nice, and tried to speak as much English as possible with me.  I do miss my dentist back in Michigan, Dr. Zarou is an amazing dentist and his staff are the best.  But, I am not made of money and can not arrange to fly back to Michigan to have dental work done.



So I met with my new dentist. I really needed some serious dental work done.  After an evening of heavy drinking during Karneval, I managed to spit a crown out of my mouth.  WTH?  Yes, it’s true.  I got so drunk that I lost a tooth.  I am telling you, Karneval is some kind of crazy here.  So, I had to find a dentist here in Germany to get this crown replaced.

nerdy hillbilly

My dental insurance in Germany is awesome.  We only had to pay a small amount of money to get the crown replaced, and as a bonus I am getting a bridge to fix another area as well.  (I had been wanting to have the bridge done for years in the States, but couldn’t justify the huge cost of it there).

So, anyway,  2 hours in the chair and all the molds and such were made.  He built up the area around the tooth and everything was put in place for my next appointment where I would get the crown.

I was feeling a little lazy today after getting up super early for my dental appointment, and I had a headache from the work being done. So, when I got home I took a little nap.  As a side note, I tend to grind my teeth when I sleep. Since losing my tooth, I haven’t been able to wear my mouth guard.  (My husband is very upset about this because he thinks I am SUPER SEXY when I am wearing the mouth guard.  OK, that is a straight up lie.)  Anyway, I took a rather long nap, minus a mouth guard.  I fell deep asleep.  When I woke up, my mouth wasn’t hurting anymore.  I felt refreshed and wide awake.  I also quickly realized that my mouth felt different.

I went to the bathroom to look at my new dental work only to find that it wasn’t there anymore. I must have swallowed it while I was asleep.  Yes, that is correct, I just ate two hours worth of dental work.  A temporary crown and some bridgework.  I looked in the bed, just hoping that maybe it fell out.  No such luck, I ate it, and it is gone.

I am not sure what else I can even say here.  I can’t speak enough German to even call and tell my new dentist.(Who I am sure will be absolutely thrilled when he hears this news.)  I will have to have my husband call.  I am sure he can’t wait to make this amazing phone call for me.(Bet he wishes I was wearing the super sexy mouth guard this afternoon, right?)

Do these things happen to other people??

47 thoughts on “The Day I Ate my Dental Work. Why do These Things Happen to me?

  1. Magnificent work! That’s hilarious 😆 Well done, you’ve have eaten your own teeth 😂😂😂 how many people can actually say that?

    However in answer to your question yes, that is just about daft enough to happen to me, but it’s minor league compared to the things that happen to my mate. She’s off the scale!

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      1. If had been done right it wouldn’t have fallen out!

        There is some association with Mayday & Witchcraft in Germany- just pretend you are getting sorted for that! 😉

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  2. Ummmm Yes! Everyone at work thought it was super funny and when it came to Christmas when we picked a name to buy a gift…My manager got me…He bought a big bag of sweetie false teeth and a pack of beer…I have never ( after I swatted him) laughed so much in my best ever pressie to date 🙂 x

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  3. I have done something similar before so I really feel your struggle! Hopefully the next round will go better for you so you won’t have to make a phone call like that again. x

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  4. Oh man! I’ll have to dad (retired dentist) if he has any stories!
    My son swallowed two teeth at night… or so we thought until I found them in his bed!
    And my Brother in law,just last weekend , swallowed part of his bridge whilst eating steak!!!!

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      1. Definitelt frustrating! I sympathise! My brother in law was going on holiday a few days after… not even enough time to get it fixed before going!

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  5. Im not quite sure what I can say to offer sympathy, but is it awful to say I just laughed reading this…. How? How on earth did you manage that lol. I suppose it could have been worse, you could have choked on it and woke up having a panicked coughing fit…….

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  6. I laughed at your pain (I’m sorry). Next time I get dental work done, I’ll be checking my teeth every hour on the hour because I didn’t know this could happen. By the way, bruxism is the absolute worse. I can actually feel my jaw hurt. I’ve been thinking I should get a sexy mouth guard. You’ve inspired me.

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  7. I’m flabbergasted. First, I couldn’t imagine spitting out a crown. Then, to swallow dental work and not notice?? You must be a heavy sleeper! Wow, Cherie… BTW, I have a mouth guard, too. SUPER SEXY

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