A Book Review of “Mind Games,” by Stevie Turner

I received my free copy of Mind Games by Stevie Turner from The Book Gobbler in return for a fair and honest book review.  The book was published on October 27, 2017.

Mind Games is the story of the life of Frances and Martin Andrews.  Their story is one of a marriage that has been destroyed by Martin’s addiction to porn and the loss of trust that comes from addiction.

The story is told from both Frances and Martin’s perspectives. Throughout the story you begin to see life through the eyes of Frances, with occasional views through Martin’s eyes.  The character of Frances really grows throughout the tale, and I found myself really rooting for her.

It is a fast moving story, and I found myself making my way through the book in a short time.  Although the story is about porn addiction, it is not an erotic or sensual book in anyway.  At times the book is hard to read simply because porn addiction is a tough subject to read about.  But the story line is interesting, and I wanted to know the outcome of their marriage and where life takes them.

I think the author did a very good job telling an interesting, fast moving story about a very complex, yet believable situation.

Mind Games by Stevie Turner cover art



13 thoughts on “A Book Review of “Mind Games,” by Stevie Turner

  1. Is the book available in German?
    Maybe you should reed it in German now.
    When I started learning English I watched the movie “Ghost” over and over.

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