Hallo Burbach!

We spend last Sunday afternoon with my In laws, as we often do.  We had another wonderful meal, plenty of wine, a perfect, sunny afternoon.

We also had good conversation.  My husband, Dirk, translates for me so that I can be a part of the conversation too.  I can follow some of it on my own now, but really struggle to add anything in German.  Much of the discussion was about finding out what friends and family are up to now that Spring has sprung.  Dirk’s Oma will be turning 91 this week, a friend will be traveling to Spain, lots of people have told my In Laws that they like Dirk’s tattoo work.    Typical, light, conversations.

Then, Waltraud looked very serious and began speaking very quickly to Dirk.  Dirk started to laugh, and snort and laugh.  I had to ask what was begin discussed!  After finally settling down, Dirk explained that his Mom was very concerned that Cheyenne and myself want to go back to the States.  I thought to myself, that isn’t very funny, and it is also not true.  Cheyenne misses her friends/family and so do I.  Cheyenne would like to visit her friends soon, but due to work and finances this isn’t possible right now.  Visit, yes. Return for good, No Way!  I really do not even want to visit at this point, but would love to have friends and family visit me here in Germany.

Dirk continued to laugh.  I still wasn’t sure what was so funny.

“My Mom has heard all of this from your blog.”  said my husband.

“What???  I haven’t said anything about wanting to go back to the States in my blog.  Quite the opposite really!”  “Wait!!  You  Mom has been reading my blog???” I said, rather confused.  Dirk’s Mom has not spoke a word of English to me in the 7 years that I have known her.

“No, she isn’t reading it, but a friend of hers from the village has been filling her in on what you write in the blog.  His English is not as good as he thinks it is, and it seems he is misunderstanding much of what you write.  I think he is using Google Translate, ” my husband informed me.

“Oh geez!  But, why are you laughing?  You told her that we do not want to go back to the States, right?  Why is that funny??”  me, still confused.

“The friend also told my Mom that you wrote es ist ein schoener Tag zum voegeln.  Which translated means, it’s a nice day to fuck.”  Dirk said with a giant grin on his face.

I died a little bit as he said this.  At first, I could not image how the hell he came up with this, I would not write something like this in my blog!  Then I remembered my post about May Day.  I wrote a line from a song that a co-worker used to sing on the 1st of May.  The friend translated this to mean that I think it’s a good day for an outdoor fuck, and shared this with my Mother In Law!  Clearly, I am making friends all over the world with this!

So, there it is.  My In Laws have been “reading” my blog via a friend.  It seems that I am not the only one who has trouble understanding a foreign language.  We all had a good laugh, and Waltraud came up with the title used for this post.  Hallo Burbach!!


Anyone else have family members reading and possible misunderstanding your blog?  Would love to hear your funny stories as well!


69 thoughts on “Hallo Burbach!

  1. That particular word is one that I learned watching an ARD presenter interview a foreign celebrity whose first language was English, probably on a Saturday evening. The interview was live and I could see the interviewer getting flustered and the audience was giggling. I, like the poor interviewee himself, thought he was talking about birds. The most amusing thing was watching the interviewer explaining what the chap had actually said. Both were horribly embarrassed.

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  2. Hilarious. New languages are just primed for such mishaps, and in my memory the funny ones all revolve around sex or body parts.

    My mother reads my blog regularly, even though she once told me she’d stop. But knowing that often gives me ideas for topics. 🙂 On occasion, one of my sons too, as I was reminded while reading through the comments on the Breastfeeding post.

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  3. Laughed so hard I snorted, which is NOT cool, since I’m in work

    You make me laugh lady, it’s a bit nippy here today, just saying

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  4. I think it is great that you are trying to learn German. I tried to learn Italian so that when I visited my husband’s cousins in Italy I could at least communicate. My first visit, I was so nervous I wouldn’t let my husband out of my sight even to use the bathroom. LOL:) A lot can be said for communicating with a smile and a nod too! 🙂

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  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG I’M DYING!!! That is too funny!!! I always worry about who might find my blog and THIS IS WHY!! Not that I really have anything to worry about on mine… But, I don’t need my customers/employers, etc to know my thoughts on “The Haunted Vagina” (the fact that those words together were an auto prompt in my phone is funny enough!)… Although, my father read that one! So, I guess it can’t get worse! 😂😂😂

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  6. I don’t think it is easy to translate from one language to another so funny things can happen. I have a couple of my sisters who read my blog but that is about it.


  7. Oh my, had to laugh out loud at this. We spent two years living in Ecuador and I constantly had to caution hubby to remember that años and anos were not the same thing. The ‘enyay’ pronunciation was the word for year, the ‘n’ was the word for ass. LOL!

    #MLSTL visitor

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  8. My mum reads everything I write – when she first got an internet connection and discovered my blog, she went back and read EVERY post since Day 1! My problem has been my daughter reading one of my posts, choosing to misinterpret what I was saying and choosing to get offended and basically cut me off for several months – NOT good! But at the same time I realized that blogging is my voice and I can’t anticipate every little nuance (or translation in your case) that people pick up – it’s their responsibility to know I’d never mean to offend, and my responsibility to own my blog and my voice.

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    1. That’s sweet that she read every post! Sorry to hear about the daughter situation, that must have been very difficult.
      Yes, I agree, you can not anticipate how others may interpret what you write. Anyone who knows me well knows that I would not intentionally write something upsetting about or to anyone. But, others read it, people that do not know me, any they may not “hear” my true voice in my writing.


  9. Oh boy! I’m glad no one in my family really cares about what I write on the internet, they never would have let me live something like that down haha.

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  10. I usually think that most of my family do not read my blog and would be surprised if they did. That is actually fine with me. Sometimes I would like to unsubscribe them so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I never write about them anyway, and never, ever use anyone’s name. It is funny how translations can reinterpret messages! I think your story is one of those that is horrifying in the moment but that you can laugh about later!

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  11. Oh that is too too funny. My parents have recently started reading my blog and I’m questioning everything that I write. My mum read my last novel and said ‘the sex scenes were nicely done.’ I had a lalalalalalala moment.

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  12. So funny! When my daughter’s German exchange friend came over last year, he told me that he & his parents had been trying to read my blog. This meant meant about 5 months worth between my girl’s visit to them and his return….I wonder what google translate came up with??? He said they struggled with it! As I said before, we will be your UK family and visit…for German practice, tattoos and being a bit nearer than your US pals xxx

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  13. Empathy from across the pond. I’m struggling with trying to be conversational in Spanish as quickly as possible and all is not well. And yes, we all much have a sense of humor in such situations!

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