Drinks with Friends

I miss being able to go have drinks with friends. There, I said it.  I miss those cups of coffee or tea with hours of conversation, and I really miss those multiple martinis during Happy Hour after work.


I have been living in Germany for 9 months. 9 fun filled months of seeing new sights, meeting new people, and trying new foods. We go out with the friends of my husband quite frequently, so I am often having drinks with friends, sort of.  It’s fun, I always enjoy some afternoon into the evening drinking.


But, I miss drinking with my friends.  I miss drinking with people that I am able to understand and connect with.  I miss hearing my friends talk and tell me their stories.


If my friends and I were having a drink right now, (It’s OK, it’s afternoon here.) I would tell them that I am so happy to be here in Germany.  I would tell them that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I would mention that it is hard being an English  speaker in a country that speaks German.  I would admit to my friends that I speak with the dog and cat as if they were human, often, very often. (It’s OK, really.  They are both Tri-lingual, Speaking dog/cat, English and German).


But mostly, if I were having drinks with friends, I would let them know that I do miss them.



But don’t worry too much about me missing my friends.  The amazing Suzie will be here all the way from NC very soon.  There will be plenty of conversation and drinks.  I am sure there may even be a few blogs posts to share all the fun.


47 thoughts on “Drinks with Friends

  1. I so remember that stage of culture shock when I was living in Kazakhstan. I yearned for the familiar. I yearned for luxury. I wrote In my memoir that I yearned to “lounge by a pool and be served a salty rimmed margarita by a gorgeously tanned hunky waiter. Which is odd because I’m not really a fan of pools.” Just know, it’ll pass. Took me about a year and you’re almost there.

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  2. Are there any expat groups or English language conversation groups in your area? It won’t help you stop missing your friends, but sometimes it helps to be able to chat and have a giggle in your own language…

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  3. You took a huge step moving to a new country, Cherie and I can completely understand. Whilst it might sound exciting to others to live in a foreign country I’m sure the novelty wears off when you are struggling to communicate easily and the love and support of your friends is online rather than physical. You will have to plan some adventures when your friend visits and enjoy lots of time together. You might even be able to ‘show off’ your language skills! Have a great weekend.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

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  4. It is okay to miss your friends, but will be even better when you can introduce them to your new friends and you will make them … it just takes time. When you do have a circle of buddies in Germany you will still hanker after those times and people that came before. Xx hugs from the SaturdaySocial.

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  5. It does take time to make new friends, even if you stay in the same country! I think you are doing brilliantly with your German friends – and missing your friends from home is a good thing – it shows they are real friends who mean something to you!

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  6. I know how you feel. When I lived away from home I missed my friends so much. Just being able to have a hot chocolate or something alcoholic and catching up I missed so much. Hopefully you’ll make new friends over in Germany too and enjoy getting together with old friends when they visit.

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  7. Although moving abroad can be very exciting, I find that it often is an isolating experience. When I moved to Dublin for my Masters, you would have thought that I would be able to meet tons of people, but there were actually only two of us in it. And when you bring in a language barrier, it becomes exponentially more difficult. I hope that you are able to find a group or activity to help with it all!! (I also happen to think that animals are fantastic conversationalists, and they are probably more exciting than we are haha)

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  8. I understand that need to get out with some girlfriends and just chat. Sure you can go out for drinks in Germany (it’s Germany, after all.) But it’s hard when you don’t have girlfriends to laugh and talk with. My best friend moved to Maine. And although that’s not far in relation to being in another country, it’s not close enough to just call and say let’s get together Friday night. One of us would have to drive six hours to accomplish that.

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  9. I think it means getting together with them again will be all the sweeter. I miss my drinky eves too- but less and less.
    I got to meet friends for drinks last Sat and it was twice the fun due to rarity! Like the post Amelia has!
    Actually heading again next Friday too..

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  10. My sisters, a best friend, and I meet for dinner once a month. We laugh and talk about all manner of foolishness, and I love it! I will miss it immensely if ever I move away. My husband and I are thinking about taking an extended trip around the United States once I retire. Obviously, there won’t be a language barrier, but I still worry about missing girl time.

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  11. I can relate to this, since I’m in the same situation, although opposite because I’m the one left behind while everyone else has moved away. At least we have a lot more to talk about when we see each other again but it sucks not being able to just casually go for a drink.

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  12. I know how that feels, there is nothing like hanging out with old friends. Something about it is so comfortable, like wearing an old pair of Converse sneakers or fuzzy flannel pajamas. I’m sure you are looking forward to your friend visting, I know I would be!

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  13. It’s easy to understand what you feel away from home, even though you like your new place, but there’s nothing like having a nice gathering with friends over drinks and share some like minded talks….we all love that….

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