I Think I am Allergic to Germany

I am pretty sure that I am allergic to Germany.  It all started at the beginning of May, and has continued into June.  My eyes turned red, began burning, itching and watering.  My throat became so itchy and scratchy.  I started to sneeze constantly, and have been sneezing all day and into the night. And the snot, oh lord, SO MUCH SNOT.  Something here is trying to kill me.

I have always had allergies.  Growing up in Michigan, I had very bad allergies during the fall season.  I carried tissues with me everywhere, snotting and sneezing.  But, the season was short and I managed to get through it each year.

In North Carolina, I had Springtime allergies.  But again, it seemed to only affect me for a few weeks at most.

Here in Germany I am going into the fifth week of hell severe allergies.  I am unable to wear any eye make-up as my eyes are so red, and they are tearing up.  They itch so bad I am constantly rubbing them.(I know, I know…not a good thing. But they feel like they are on fire!)  I look as though I have been crying for days on end.  I am sneezing constantly, and there is just SO MUCH SNOT.  It just gets worse when I try to take Jack for a walk, or even sitting on the balcony in the evenings.

I have been taking some allergy medicine during the day, and then having to take Benadryl at night.  I feel like I am in a fog, a fog filled with snot.  So today, my wonderful husband, Dirk, went to the pharmacy to get a different antihistamine.  So far so good, the symptoms are easing a bit.

Germany is a tough place.  The language is hard to learn, and it seems that nature herself is trying to run me out of the country.  But, I too am made of strong stuff.  As long as I have antihistamines, tissues and access to translation apps, I will prevail!!


Anyone else struggling this season with allergies?  What do you do to cope?


58 thoughts on “I Think I am Allergic to Germany

  1. I have moved a few times. One of the things Mrs Bryntin swears by for coping with her reactions is to eat whatever locally made honey you can find.
    I think this is meant to work on the same principle as immunisation, in that your body gets a small dose of the pollens that are local – and therefore used by the bees to make that honey – and your system can fight all the effects better afterwards.
    Note: I do not profess to have any medical evidence for the efficacy or the of urban-mythness of this advice. This is Mrs Bryntin we’re talking about, she’s as made up as me.

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  2. I have seasonal allergies that started AFTER I quit smoking. Most of May is awful for me (I think it’s tree pollen). I take Meijer or Spartan brand allergy pills and that seems to do the trick. Itchy, watery eyes and sneezing seem to be the main thing for me. Sorry Cherie, it sounds like you’re having a hell of a time this year. Hang in there!!

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    1. That seems very unfair that you started to have allergies AFTER you stopped smoking!!
      I am just a little overwhelmed at how bad my allergies are here. It reminds me of when I was a kid, I was ALWAYS congested and blowing my nose.
      Hopefully it is just because the pollen is bad this year, and this will get better soon.
      I got some Zyrtec, hopefully it will work well and last all day….and night.


  3. I use stinging nettle leaf as a natural antihistamine. In Michigan I can usually find it in capsules or tea form in health food stores. Now I grow my own and pick leaves and dry them for tea or make tinctures.

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      1. If you decide to pick some wear gloves. Although if you do get stung by the leaves drinking thee tea is a good remedy. Cut up several leaves and steep them in hot water for at least 10 minutes. Drink as often as needed I don’t think there are any side effects.

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  4. Cherie honey, Go get yourself some eye drops too and use them. Redheads look a ragged mess with red, leaky eyes. Miss the thought that you’re here but love reading your blog

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  5. I started having allergies only when I moved to the UK and I only found now a way to cope with it… Taking allergies pills at night instead oif in the morning seems to have mad a difference, and wearing medical masks when I run in places where the pollen count is high. I hope it finishes soon for you!

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  6. Urgh. I blooming hate allergies!!
    I find the medicine that you snort(!) is the most effective. But I have to use it several days in a row, and then keep using it once a day after that for the allergies to stay away.

    My other tips are:
    1. Get some eye drops. You’ll feel soo much better when your eyes don’t itch!
    2. Stick some Vaseline up your nose. This acts as a barrier to the pollen and really, really helps me.

    I try to eat local honey too. It doesn’t help much, but it’s delicious. 😉

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  7. I woke up sneezing at 4.00 this morning. Not fun.

    When I lived in Berlin there were just loads of new things for me to be allergic to. I can still remember how rude I was in the pharmacy where I bought some antihistamines, because I was trying so hard to remember what it was I had to ask for that I forgot to be polite. I hope your medicines work.

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  8. Ooh .. I hope you feel better soon. I suffer from tree pollen Feb to June – this year I haven’t had a problem; a couple of years ago I was such a mess itching & sneezing right through to November when the rain finally cleared the pollen!

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  9. This time of year was always horrendous for me in Bavaria, turns out I was super allergic to grasses, mostly rye which is in bloom right about now. The good thing is Germany is amazing for chemists and they have the most unusual cures for stuff. Hope it eases for you soon! 🙂

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  10. Oh. My. Gah. Yes. We moved last August and my allergies are now catching up. I’ve tripled up on my allergy meds and now my nose is so dry…can’t win. Anyway – here’s hoping it gets better soon for both of us.

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  11. Deep Sigh…. so sorry about the allergies…Honestly, it can be so annoying and uncomfortable. Just keep up with the prescription and you’ll definitely get better (even thought it might be slow)

    Ps: I read your post title and I was like… oh my… don’t tell me she’s leaving Germany already

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  12. Poor you. But glad to know, despite the sniffles and snorkiness, you love Germany. I just spent a week there and loved a lot of what I saw and experienced. Feel better!!

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  13. I believe the Cool Touch tissues by Kleenex are the absolute best. I was allergic to my cats. It was especially bad when one of them would sleep curled around my neck. The Cool Touch tissues helped to make my nose appear less Rudolph like.

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  14. If it’s outdoor allergies, have you tried washing your hair before bed/making sure you’re sleeping on a clean pillowcase? My allergist suggested that to me some years ago, and it really helps! Also, saline rinses. I can just imagine the pharmacy experience, having tried to buy things with my functional-but-not-medically-functional Spanish in Mexican pharmacies for, say, ear infections…

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