Airport Run with Jack the Dog

Today we made the last airport run of the summer.  The second run this week. We brought my friend, Suzie to Dusseldorf airport this morning so that she could catch her plane back to the States.  We have had two visitors from the USA over the past month, and Suzie was the last to leave.

It has been a fun few weeks, playing tour guide in my new city.  We shopped, ate, wandered, and drank.  I still feel like there was so much more to show them, but time ran out.

I was able to have coffee and drinks with someone who not only spoke my language, but knew me from “back in the day”.  It was lovely.

Even Jack the Dog and Newt the Cat enjoyed having the visitors.  Jack tried each day to sleep with Amila on her bed, and would steal her blankets when she wasn’t looking.

Today, we managed to get to the airport on time, even with the early morning rush of traffic.

While making our way through the airport, Jack the Dog decided to make his statement about being up too early and Suzie leaving.

He took a big shit on the floor, in the middle of the busy airport.

So, on that note, Suzie is on her plane, headed to Atlanta.

Jack thinks that is shit.

Safe travels Suzie




30 thoughts on “Airport Run with Jack the Dog

    1. He is cute, even when he is embarrassing the hell out of me.
      He literally turned around, after he pooped everywhere, and looked at me like “OMG, to you see that?? There is poop everywhere! You better clean that up!”
      (Maybe I spend too much time with the dog, since I think he talks to me)

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  1. Something similar happened to my friend when returning from travel, her pup got so excited seeing her again he ended up shitting himself too in the airport, it was kind of hilarious.

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  2. Oh my days on the floor! In the airport 😲👏👏👏 wonderful! Nearly as bad as our dog leaving Dad a warm soft one right in his slipper when we were kids. My oh my, between his toes *heave* Dad taught me there was another language that morning. Beautiful pooch and he made his feelings known; shit happens heeeehaaaa!

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