Sugar Sugar

Oh, how I love sweet things.  Eis, pies, cakes, candy bars, frou-frou coffees, you name it, I probably love it.

But, it doesn’t love me.  Well, maybe it does, sort of.  It does tend to stick with me so to speak.  Like a spare tire around my middle sticking with me.

Prior to my move to Germany last year, I lost 10 lbs.  Then, after living in Germany for 2 months, I had lost another 10lbs.  I was at a good weight. I looked healthy and felt good. For most of my life I have been at a good weight.  OK, I was a tub of lard during nursing school.  But seriously, who else out there, that has gone through nursing school, didn’t pack on some pounds?  Besides, that weight fell off within my first 6 months working the night shift in the ER.  I was back at a good weight.

Anyway, after moving to Germany, I experienced the German Holiday Celebrations.  I dove whole hog into the celebrations.(I think we celebrated Christmas for 3 or 4 days straight.  Then New Years, and a week of drinking during Karneval and Easter.) There are several holidays from December through Springtime.  I celebrated them all.  I ate, drank, and was merry.  Well, I was Cherie, but I felt very merry.

But now, I feel fat.

This feeling was acknowledged and confirmed this past week when I went for my Endocrine doctor appointment.  Yes, I am a Type II diabetic.  I was a Type II diabetic even when I was thin, I have been for years.  But, either way, weight is a very important factor with this disease.

I went into the office, and the first thing they needed was my weight.  I was dreading this.  I knew I had gained weight, just wasn’t sure how much.  It was 12lb!!  I currently weigh the same amount I did when I delivered my first child!!  How does this happen?  Oh, wait, I know the answer to this question, German Holidays happened.

So, I do love my German doctor.  He does not sugar coat a thing.  He is NOT American.

“You have gained a lot of weight.  You weigh too much, “says my German doctor.

“Yes, I know I have gained weight.” I said.

“Well, if you continue to gain weight, next year you will be taking Insulin.” He said in a matter of fact tone. “You have a choice.  You can keep eating, and gain weight.  Then you can die young.  Or, you can eat less and hopefully live to old age.”

“Um, OK.  I would like the second option please.”

“OK, then don’t eat so much, ” says the insightful, German doctor.

Here we are.  Today, I stopped adding sugar to my coffee.  I am grumpy, but it didn’t kill me.  (I have also not killed anyone else, yet).  The doctor also suggested that I eat my dinner earlier than our normal time.  So now, I have to eat dinner alone, since Dirk doesn’t get home until 7:30.  This makes me a little sad, since I love to have dinner with my husband. I have activated my MyFitnessPal app, and plan to follow a 1200 calorie diet. Today is a new day, and I need to drop this weight.  Let’s hope it comes off as fast as I put it on!

On a positive note, all of my lab results were very good.  So, I am still in control of my blood sugar….I just need to control my weight.

Who else is on the struggle bus?  What are you doing to lose the weight?24829295_1184157395019966_310881049_n

This is a picture of one of the lovely drinks I had during the Christmas Holiday.(I had several).  It is called Eierlikör punsch.  It has roughly 3 million calories, give or take.


72 thoughts on “Sugar Sugar

  1. Yep. I took myself off sugar a little over a month ago, and sat fat (butter & coconut oil – since I’m veggie)

    It’s been a hard slog and I’m having my own little pity party, because of all the nice things I no longer eat.

    I’ve lost about 0.5 lbs maybe a little more but I have totally fallen out with the scales, and I’m not talking to my belly, hopefully it will get the message and bugger off

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    1. Oh, it was a sad day when I didn’t add any milk and sugar to my coffee. I am on day three, and it still almost brings me to tears. I LOVED my morning coffee. Well, I still have it, it just isn’t nearly as delicious.
      Hoping it will help make a difference. I also stopped the evening wine/beer. I will just have a drink on the weekends, not every evening.

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  2. Its the life style change thing isnt it? It’s not like you can diet, lose weight and then let slip. So I made changes that I was pretty confident would be stickable. Eating earlier was one. Bread has always been a sod for adding weight so I gave that up. I only eat porridge for breakfast made with unsweetened almond milk which keeps me full for the morning (I’ve begun to add chia seeds to give it more ‘good’ bulk which seems to work as well). I guess what I’m suggesting is finding the things that add the add weight and see if you can nip them. But then I guess you know that! Me, I managed to lose 2 stones (30 pounds). It’s good though at my age people assume I have some horrid wasting disease and I’ve had to buy new clothes which really isn’t me!!

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    1. I was diagnosed in my 30s (young and healthy, not overweight at all)
      I am pretty sure that they have a lot to learn about type II. I feel that often times (and some doctors are on to this as well) that people start to gain the weight BECAUSE of the diabetes, not the other way around as they so often preach.
      Either way, I will be more cautious about how much I am eating, and stop living like I am on a permanent vacation 🙂


  3. It’s so difficult but it’s about making small changes to your diet rather than wholesale cutting everything out so that that change becomes the norm. Cutting out sugar in tea is a step in the right direction and you’ll find other small changes that then still allow you to have an occasional treat. For me, it was about having a less sugary breakfast (“but it says these breakfast biscuits are healthy?…”), cutting down on bread for lunch and swapping wine and beer for a g&t!

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  4. The weight struggle is the worst. I do like, as many have said, how clear the doctor is on putting the choice in a patient’s hands. Dieting has never been my favorite, so I tend to lean into exercise rather than dieting. But, I did lose weight just by cutting alcohol out of my diet for 6 weeks– I think I lost 6 pounds. I used to drink coffee with sugar and milk too, until I realized it was a pain always needing extra stuff to add to my coffee to enjoy it. Now I drink it black only and I just don’t like it any other way. (Except lattes and such on occasion).
    Also, we switched to vegetarian eating most of the time–that was also a surprisingly easy transition. BUT, I also indulged in one of those meal delivery services that send all the ingredients to your house and then tells you how to combine them. It’s an indulgence because it costs more than the grocery store, but I have to think less, which makes me happy. 🙂

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      1. I would guess with your nursing background you know exactly the “right” things to do. I find my biggest struggle with “treats” and in that category I also include a nice cocktail or wine at dinner, comes from the fact that I feel like I need a way to indulge or wind down after a long day. I am still looking for the perfect non-high calorie substitute for this mental part of treating myself.

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  5. I didn’t have a German doctor get blunt with me but I did have an asshole Dr. get rude about my weight and the effect that it was having on my post-menopausal body. My APRN has been after me for years but not like this (I don’t mind blunt, my APRN is blunt.) He made comments about my fat body and I told him he was obnoxious. She talked about my sugar. Between the two, I finally decided to do something about it and have been following the WW new Freestyle diet. Down 20 pounds since March and I moved my A1C from 6.1 to 5.6. We have one cheat day a month, but we’ve both been really good around sweets, etc. If it’s not a cheat day, we don’t do them.

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  6. I’m on the losing weight train, too. I try to eat more protein and fruits and veggies and less carbs, but every once in a while I’ve got to have some french fries. I’m also exercising more. I run and work out with weights. I’ve lost a few pounds but I’m planning on losing more. 🙂

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  7. This is a great decision to drop the sugar, Im happy for you.
    Personaly I cut of my coffe sugar few months ago and I never regret this, as I use to it so much that I can’t imagine to have it with sugar now!
    Also last 3 weeks I am on a diet, Im having 5 meals per day every 2.5-4 hours and I feel apsolutely great! Lost about 3 kg so far, Im training at least 3 to 5 times per week. From outside it might look hard (sometimes it is, especialy when your mum making gorgeous cakes few times per week and they literally calling you from the table) but it’s all about your mental strenght. Sometimes all of us have to be a soldier.
    As long you see your target, you just have to follow daily rutine and do what have to be done and you can achive spectacular results! It’s a great feeling, when you feel your body is getting stronger with every single training, its lift up all your life and what is the most important, it’s show you what you are capable of, coz if you can do this, what else could be a problem? Nothing!
    Keep trying and stay healthly!

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  8. I know exactly how it feels like. My mom is a diabetic for the past 10 years and she hasn’t had it easy always. Sometimes, she feels like she could control it, stay away from sweets and chocolate, eat a healthy diet and exercise. Considering her job and its stress level, it would be impossible for her to control it always. She has cravings sometimes. She eats a chocolate once in a while to satisfy her cravings. She is going through menopause which makes it even harder. She gets sad for no reason sometimes. But she is fighting through it. Since diabetes runs in our family, I know that I should look out for myself but it is really hard. I do exercise regularly between college and the workload. But everyone will not have the time to do the same thing. So I know it feels like. But don’t quit. Keep trying and keep fighting.

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  9. Wow, your doctor can be really blunt! The doctors here don’t talk much. They just hand the prescription and shoo you off, haha. It’s hard to say no to all the pastries and sweets that are easily available here in Germany though. 😅

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  10. I feel for you, I’ve tried to cut out sugar too and it’s so difficult.. I guess there’s a reason why they say sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Have you tried intermittent fasting before? Like having an eating window of 8 hours, and then fasting for 16 hours. It can help speed up the metabolism of a lot of people, but I don’t know how it would work with diabetes.

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  11. It’s a real struggle that sugar. I’m glad to hear your doctor didn’t “sugar”coat it. Of course, it sounds like you already knew what he was going to say. Good luck with the modifications, despite how hard it is a lot of people who just give up sugar notice significant changes without having to reduce overall calories. 🙂

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  12. I feel your pain April. It’s so easy for those kilos to sneak up on us. I’ve lost a lot of weight and kept it off but find it a huge struggle to move those last 10 pesky kilos. Good luck with it. I wish you well

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  13. I wrote about TOFI the other day Cherie – it is the bane of my life now days – I think my wonderful metabolism left the building when I turned 50 and since then the kgs keep creeping upwards. I’ve always been tall and slim, but now my waistline is thickening and I have fat in places where it’s never been before – the battle is real and I am scared I’m losing ground…….

    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM xx
    Leanne |

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  14. I have four different doctors and all of them speak to me about my weight. I am always trying to lose a few lbs but for some reason they find their way back. I am a low carber so when I try to lose I drop all sugar, bread, pasta and potatoes which other than the sugar I don’t care much about. I love my sugar. lol Good luck.

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  15. I love food, Cherie! My only way to combat gaining significant weight is to run and workout. I try to have days just for treats and then eat healthy the majority of time. There are so many goodies to try in Europe. I know when I visit my husband’s family in Italy I always add a few kilos. Thanks so much for linking up with us at #MLSTL and sharing a problem which is common to most women! Have a great week.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

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  16. I’m reading this while eating a doughnut. Sorry, actually sorry. I used to prefer savory over sweet, but now it’s all fair game. My Dad reversed his Type 2, and I should really work on y’know, not getting it in the first place. I’m with you!

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  17. I swear, this is one of my favorite blogs. I also struggle with my weight, and I’ve found a few things that help. First, the pounds come off when I don’t eat between meals. It’s astonishing, actually. And second, I’ve started doing yoga every day and I this is what I’ve found: although I don’t think much weight is coming off with the program I’m doing, I feel motivated to do other exercises, which IS helping the weight come off. And once I’m done with this series I’m doing, I’m going to start a yoga-for-weight-loss series.

    And one last thing: I brush my teeth as soon as dinner is over. That way I’m not tempted to eat during the evening.

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  18. Haha… love the bluntness of the doctor. At least you know there’s no misunderstandings, he tells it like it is. Couldn’t read all the comments, so not sure if somebody’s mentioned it, but I’m on the keto diet (lifestyle/way of eating) and it is known to reverse T2D. Many people in the Keto support groups have done it. Worth looking into! Visit and for some Keto basics.

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