A One Week Follow up, No One Has Died, Yet

I thought I should give a quick, one week follow up to my post, Sugar Sugar.

  • I am down a little over 4lbs, almost 2 kg.
  • I am hungry, so hungry
  • I still crave sugar, ALL DAY LONG
  • And spaghetti, I crave spaghetti
  • I have not harmed anyone during this process…… yet.  But I am very grumpy.

Now, I am a nurse.  I do understand on many levels how these changes to my diet are important and necessary. I will continue to work on losing this weight and maintaining a healthy weight.  But, understanding it doesn’t make it any easier.  I am surrounded by delicious things here in Germany.  The breads, the pastries, the beer and wine!!  It’s so hard to limit myself when surrounded by these things!!

I dream of bathing in chocolate, or spaghetti or both.  I am not kidding.

In reality, I still eat most of the things that I want, just smaller amounts.  I haven’t been eating after 6pm.  No wine or beer.  No sugar in my coffee.  The coffee issue has truly been the hardest change to make.

With my activity level I have been able to eat about 1500 calories a day and still lose weight.(I was eating and drinking around 2000! Maybe even more. Crazy amounts of calories.  No wonder I packed on the pounds!)

I have really not missed the wine or the beer.  I still have an occasional G&T (I am not a barbarian!)

I am not starving…..but I do think of desserts…… ALL THE TIME!!


The above picture is what I am eating instead of the desserts that I have been fantasizing about……but I still think about the desserts.

So, there you have it.  1 week in, and already down several pounds.  This is doable.

Hey!  Is dinner ready yet??  I am starving!!!

Anyone else having success with their diet changes?  I would love to hear what you have changed to lose the weight and keep it off!



71 thoughts on “A One Week Follow up, No One Has Died, Yet

  1. I once did a two week sugar fast and felt like I had the flu the entire time. I can relate to your dieting agony, it is really hard in the beginning but it will get easier. But you will do this!

    All diets do not work for all people as our body chemistries are not the same. Hopefully the current dietary changes will work for you. I find dieting in the US a challenge. All the additives and preservatives in the food are problematic and add to growing waistlines. If I were to move to another country, or stay here and grow all my own food it would be easier. Walking helps, too!

    My best to you!

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    1. Food in the US is just criminal. It is unbelievable the crap that is in the food!
      I am really a bit ashamed that I let myself gain so much weight here, as the food is really healthy(if eaten in proper amounts).
      I feel confident that I will lose it by making these little changes. Yes, it does feel a bit like the flu!
      Thank you!


  2. Oh well done Cherie. You’re doing so very well. The thing I would struggle with the most is the wine. Especially in this heat. 4lbs is loads and you’re doing it sensibly too. Great stuff xx

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  3. You can doooo it!!

    I switched to a lower carb diet a few weeks ago (although I cheated yesterday as my colleague was leaving, so we had cake) I have found that I’m not really any hungrier…but we have still been eating loooads of veggies instead of rice/pasta/bread. I have found it takes way more planning and cooking to eat this way. It’s also pricer as the carbs are normally the cheap part of our meals. *sigh*

    Still. I am pretty sure cycling had a bigger affect on my weight than changing my diet.

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      1. Nooooooo!! 😦

        Dammit. I have still had the odd glass at the weekend. I mean, it’s meant to be good for you right!? Riiiight!? 😉

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  4. After getting thrush from the antibiotics from the surgery, I have come to view sugar as my arch enemy. I don’t recommend this as a solution, though. It’ll get easier and you’re doing great so far!!! 🙂

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  5. I find I struggle after the first two-ish weeks- the water weight loss in the first bit always makes me think that I will continue my high loss numbers throughout the process even though I logically know that they won’t. I’m finding my current plan is working best- I’ve actually not cut anything out, just reduced portions, and it is making quite the difference! I’m excited to hear more of the journey!

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  6. 35 lb to loose, I am trying … eating from a teaplate, only eating when I sit at the table and only sitting (prolonged) after dinner. Calory cutting isn’t working so portion size and more activity might. 😝 Good luck with your plan.

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  7. Way to go, girl! I recently visited my son and he installed Fitness Pal on my phone. It really made me think about what I was eating! Since then, I cut butter out of my diet. Since traveling to Europe last year, I’ve enjoyed those high-calorie pats!!!

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      1. I gained weight when I gave up alcohol four years ago (breast cancer and estrogen connection). I figured I could eat dessert instead. Boy, did I! Ha! It took a while to lose the 7 pounds I put on in six months. 🙂

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  8. I hear you!! Well done on your efforts so far. Once I get home from my travels I have to get serious but it’s so hard when staying with people and enjoying so much good company and hospitality…. you’re right it is doable 😊

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  9. That’s amazing! Congratulations! I’m doing a no sugar, no processed, no fun diet too and I’m totally with you on the sugar cravings… However, my biggest thing is bread. I want thick brown bread smothered in Lurpak all. the. time.

    Keep going, I’ll keep doing it with you!

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  10. Sounds like you’re doing fantastic! I’m in the same boat and I’ve been using th MyFitnessPal app to track what I eat and drink. I don’t always enter everything because it’s kind of a pain, but it really makes me realize how the small things add up quickly. Cheers! (Clinking water jugs)

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  11. You are doing amazing! Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more of your great posts! I hope if you have the time you will check out my site! I always aim to encourage and inspire others through the words I share! I hope you have a great week!!

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  12. Well, good luck to you I say. I cannot eat properly as I have had my upper mouth reconstructed and if I could not eat things with sugar in them I would not have much. I agree too much sugar is too much. However, if your goal is weightloss then I hope it helps. Personally I am waiting for teeth to eat and chew a steak…in a few months!! Denyse #MLSTL

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  13. I’ve been doing the 16/8 diet for 6 months and I don’t think I’ve lost any weight at all Cherie – so your 2kgs in a week is amazing! I think my problem is that I’m too sedentary – even when I make a conscious effort to walk every day, it’s not enough to burn off the Midlife midline stash of extra weight. I think it’s preventing more piling on, but I’d love to kick a few kilos to the kerb – good on you and keep up the hard work!

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    1. Oh yes, the Midlife midline stash. Ugh. My husband and I were telling my doctor how much I walk and that I do yoga each day. I really felt like I was fairly active. He agreed, and thought that was good but then added that I am now getting older. That level of activity will no longer be enough to burn, just keep it from growing. Geez. So he said, eat less. Like that is easy to do. It’s a struggle.


  14. I have been on an “anti-inflammatory” diet for the past month. Basically plant based with very little animal protein because it’s hard for a carnivore to give up meat. Overall, my background aches and pain level has gone done and I no longer have those long pauses trying to fill in a missing word or name. Oh! and there has been a slow but steady weight loss. win, win, win. It’s all about being prepared for me.

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    1. Yes! I have been sure to keep easy access snacks of fruit or veggies available at all times. I eat very little meat, mostly plant based diet too. I still crave the sweets, but that is getting better. Every other day I have some Eis, and that seems to satisfy my craving.
      Keep at it! Sounds like it is helping you!


  15. You are doing so well and it is hard when you first start to give up those little treats in life that you enjoy. My husband went into an alcohol detox program earlier this year. I decided to support him and also give up alcohol. We are coming up to 17 weeks alcohol free. So, so proud of him and I notice the difference in my body and skin. Of course, although I didn’t drink much, I do miss a glass of red but I also feel good that we have achieved this. Have a great week, Cherie and thanks for sharing at #MLSTL. xx

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  16. Congratulations on your progress. Change is hard. I have recently cut way back on the processed foods, including the breads and sugar that I so love. Most of the time I love what I am eating, but I still like a good cookie or a roll once in a while. The problem comes when I’m faced with temptation several times in one day, or several days in a row. Why can’t sugar be healthy!

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  17. Great news–keep it up! I’ve cut out sugar in my coffee and I’m trying to limit myself to wine only once or twice a week, and not more than one glass. I made cake yesterday. It’s chock full of blueberries and zucchini, so that makes it healthy.


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  18. Did you know some time, some where in the world it was said that sugar was the most ADDICTIVE substance… I know the feeling I crave sweets on the daily and my go to is always Chocolateeee… I hate myself for giving in all the time I think my body is trying to sabotage itself… when I was diagnosed with H.Pylori I had to change my diet completely because apparently my stomach wall was being compromised by a parasite that loved to eat stomach wall…? lol I donno, but I had to cut out chocolate, sweets, ugh I had to stop eating everything… My stomach is a lot better but I still go sugarless most times unless I give in to my cravings…

    You are doing greatt…

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