Date Night With Dirk, Sort of…

I spent my day doing my usual things, got all my household chores done, got the evening dinner simmering in the crock pot.  Then, I waited anxiously for Dirk to come home.  I was really looking forward to going out with him.

Well, by going out, I actually mean going to the grocery store.

Hear me out on this one.

So, here’s the deal. Dirk and I have figured out that the local grocery store is really the cool place to be.  They play the best music,( Tonight we listened to Iggy Pop, Billy Idol and some Amy Winehouse.  Last week I heard Cyndi Lauper and Dexy’s Midnight Runners) they have awesome food, lots of beer and alcohol options, and there is rarely a line for the loo.

The past year has brought so many changes to our lives.  Exciting times.  It’s only natural that things would start to settle down, somewhat.

As we were dancing around the Rewe tonight, we realized that we may have hit a certain point in life, a certain age.(The age where you can hear all of your favorite music in the grocery store)

We realized that there is no turning back, only moving forward, and we will do this together while dancing to our music at the local grocery store.

Thierry, Dirk and Cherie Xmas 2017 (2)

Dirk and myself.  No longer thin, or young, but still seriously happy.

How about you?  Has there been a pivotal moment in your life where you realized that you were…old?  Where were you when it happened?



63 thoughts on “Date Night With Dirk, Sort of…

  1. I don’t know if this counts. I’m 23 years old and while cleaning up my shelf in the old storage room, I stumbled across a note with the old cartoon cutouts stuck on them. I remembered making it in my second grade which was way back in 2001. So It just sat there in my shelf for 17 years untouched until a couple of weeks ago. Brought back all of my 17 years of life in an instant 🙂

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  2. I remember playing basketball on the small court in my backyard with my son. When he was 13 I could still beat him. Then a year later after his 14th birthday I was playing basketball with him and suddenly he was this tremendous athlete and I felt like my feet were glued to the ground as he ran by me and jumped higher than I could reach.

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    1. These moments are just crazy to me. One day you are 14 yourself, and then all of a sudden your son is 14, and beating you at a sport!
      I was standing in the aisle at the store, trying to pick out some jelly, and caught myself dancing a bit to Iggy Pop. Iggy in the grocery store!!! I was happy and old all at the same time!

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  3. Argh! Yes, it happened a couple of years ago. The evening before, Bryan and I watched the film ‘Rush’ starring Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame. If you haven’t seen it, Rush is about the rivalry between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda These men were Uber famous during the 70s, winning F1 drivers championship. Jet set lifestyle, playboy in Monaco utterly glamorous (Hunt) regular front & back page news in the papers.

    I came into work the next day ready to chat about it over coffee, no one had a clue who I was talking about. Blank looks everywhere – who?

    I mean can you imagine grown ups not knowing who Michael Schumacher is? I felt ancient, and crushed.

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    1. I don’t watch racing. My younger husband knew who you were talking about though. Back in the 70’s I paid attention to baseball and boxing. So if you were talking about Leon Spinks or Roberto Duran or Marvin Hagler or even Ken Norton then I’d have a clue.

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  4. Our local supermarkets both play music and they’ve started playing songs from the naughties (on a Friday night when we do our shopping rock n roll I know) which I dance and sing along to in the aisles and at first my hubby was a bit embarrassed but he sometimes joins in with me too. I just smile at the confused expressions on the young kids who don’t know have a clue what the song is but it takes me right back to school and uni.

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  5. Cherie, I love to read your blog. It makes me smile and I get a dose of your sense of humor at the same time. I find myself singing along in the grocery store.. of course the music is a little more “middle of the road” in Grand Rapids but still make shopping a happy experience. Keep it up girl.. you’re a great writer!

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  6. Love this! When I started having to search Youtube for the latest dance moves my boys would come home from school talking about–the Dougie, the Floss–I realized I am no longer young…or cool. At least I’m resourceful!

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  7. Love that pic of you two! My grocery doesn’t play any music. The only sound coming from the speakers are those “would the driver of xyz please remove your vehicle” because some nincompoop parked illegally. I realised I was getting old when “slime” became a thing on social media and everywhere else. Why is slime fun? Why is making slime fun? Why would I want to cover myself in slime? As you can see, I’m still confused…and old.

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  8. You may not be as young as you were but you are a gorgeous couple 💗 it sounds like a banging playlist for a shop though! Enjoy every moment together, because even the mundane chores can be so much fun, sometimes at least! I rarely get “just-us” time with my man, so whenever I do I LOVE it! 💗

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  9. I don’t think dancing in the grocery store counts as old! I remember deciding to go shopping with my flatmate (at 3am after we’d been clubbing.) It was a 24 hour supermarket and the music in the middle of the night was brilliant! We danced our way around the shop and bought the most random groceries! That was more than 10 years ago and I still remember how much of a giggle we were having. 😀

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  10. Would it be when we started going to matinees to escape the crowds? Or out to eat at 5 or 6? (Our favorite restaurant doesn’t have an evening seating before 6, so we have to wait!) Was it when I started turning down the sound on Metallica and Nirvana? Each event is like a little tick-tock of the clock on my age. But no matter how many aches there are, I still try some type of embarrassing dancing!

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  11. I’m a sucker for supermarket background music – heaven help the other shoppers when an ABBA song comes on! I think Dexy’s Midnight Runners would have me grooving down the dairy aisle! I realize I’m old when I see someone’s date of birth as 1980 and think they’re teenagers – then realize they’re nearly 40 – good grief!

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  12. What a sweet one! I can’t point at one thing but yes VT and I have started looking at old pictures more and talking about those days. We also try and do things together more. Kind of feels like old yet gold love 😉

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      1. Back when she was short enough for more effective finger-shaking, we used to dance in the grocery store. You’re right — great soundtrack! And in New York City, no one even gives you a second glance.

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  13. Sounds like a pretty cool supermarket to me!
    I’ve always felt a bit older than I should/am. It’s when you realise people are only just going out for the night and you’re ready for bed. That’s when it hits!

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