47 Things About Me for no Particular Reason.

I love to read “Getting to Know You” blog posts.  So, I have been thinking, maybe I should write one about me.  Because, after all, this blog is very much about me.  And, if you are reading this, maybe you want to know more about me?  If not, you should stop reading this now.

But, what types of things?  If you read my blog, you probably already know quite a bit about me already.  For instance, most of you already know that I am an animal lover and that we have Jack the Dog and Newt the Cat.  You certainly know that we moved from Michigan to Germany this past year, and that we made the move by creating a Five Year Plan.  You are also aware that I LOVE Spargel, otherwise know as asparagus. My husband and I met online, and met in person for the first time in Detroit Metropolitan Airport. I may have mentioned that my now husband thought that I clogged up the toilet on our first meeting. (But I didn’t!!). Maybe you even know that INXS was the first concert that I ever saw.

So, this is what I came up with.

  1. My favorite color is green.
  2. My favorite job I ever had was working in a bookstore.  (really wish I could work in a bookstore again.)
  3. I dream of becoming a published author someday.  (I am actively working on making this dream a reality.)
  4. Currently, I am trying to get some work as a Freelance Writer.(Wish me luck, or better yet, help me get a break into this field!)
  5. I make a really, really good apple pie. (The secret ingredient is Amaretto.)
  6. I also make a very good lasagna, but I make it a little different each time.  (I have never written the recipe down on paper.)
  7. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman.  I fell in love with his writing when I first read the Sandman series.  Brilliant, just brilliant.
  8. I was a strict vegetarian for the first half of my life, then, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I started to eat chicken.  I have no idea why, I just craved chicken. I stopped at a Wendy’s and ordered a chicken sandwich, but only ate a few bites. I still do not eat any red meat or pork.
  9. I do not know how many tattoos I have now….several.  It’s a work in progress.  I have plans for many, many more.
  10. I currently have four orchids of various colours.(with dreams of adding to my little collection).
  11. I believe in ghosts, and I have seen several.  Yes, really.
  12. My favorite flowers are Lilacs, Hyacinths, and Peonies.  Their scents take me straight back to childhood and sitting in my grandparents yard.  Pure bliss.
  13. Cheese is one of my favorite foods.
  14. Chocolate also ranks up there pretty high on the favorite list too.
  15. My mother died of cancer soon after my 40th birthday, life has never been the same.
  16. When I was 14, I saw the Northern Lights for the first time on the shore of Lake Superior.  It scared the shit out of me, had no idea what is was, and was certain it was spaceships coming to take me away.
  17. I try to keep peanuts with me when I walk to the train station, so I can feed the crows that live along the path.
  18. I named all of the crows Justin, it’s just easier that way.
  19. I have not sleep through an entire night since my first daughter was born over 23 years ago.  I am very, very tired.
  20. I really enjoy washing and folding laundry….but I do not like to put it away.
  21. Same with the dishes, I will wash them, but I do not want to put them away.
  22. I donated over 30 pairs of shoes when I was getting ready to move to Germany.
  23. I managed to bring over 10 pair of shoes with me when we made the move.
  24. I like shoes, a lot.
  25. Cooking for other people is one of my favorite things to do.
  26. I am allergic to cats.  Newt the Cat does not care
  27. As far as I am concerned, you can never have too many plants.
  28. My childhood best friend was named Gary.  Well, he is still named Gary as far as I know.
  29. I did not like tomatoes, olives, or onions as a child.
  30. I now LOVE tomatoes, and eat them everyday.
  31. I will now eat onions and olives as well. Tastes change, keep trying different foods. You never know what you may end up liking.
  32. After reading the Shining, I slept with the light on for 2 weeks.  Same with It.
  33. For the last year, I have only read a handful of new books.  Everything else I have read has been for the second, third or thirty-third time.
  34. I have lost track of how many times I have watched Paul, and every other Simon Pegg movie.
  35. Peach is my favorite pie variety.
  36. Unless there is Pecan, or Cherry.  Then I will have all three.
  37. I love to paint walls and fences.
  38. My parents divorced when I was 12, then remarried each other, and then divorced again when I was 17. It was weird, but you can’t say that they didn’t give it a good try.
  39. My Grandma Leatherman made the best chocolate malteds in the entire universe.  It’s a fact.
  40. When my cousins and I would stay at my Grandparents house, my grandfather would give us all Hot Toddies if he even heard the slightest cough or sniffle.
  41. Back in the days before cordless telephones, I tried to run down my stairs to answer a ringing phone only to trip, fall and break my foot.  I did the same thing a few years later and broke my other foot.
  42. I once knocked myself unconscious after falling from a swing on to the stage of a strip club.  (It was not open at the time, I was there with some friends that thought I should become a stripper….after falling, they no longer thought I had the skill set for said profession).
  43. At least once every winter season while living in Michigan, I managed to slip and slide underneath my vehicle while trying to open a frozen door.
  44. It seems I am not very coordinated.  I could fill this entire list with times that I have fallen down or tripped over something causing injury.
  45. My Grandma McKay was certain that I would grow up to have a modeling career.  (well, I did have an agent.  I also had a brief modelling job, then lost it when they found out I was pregnant.  It was a very short career as a model).
  46. Dirk is my best friend in the entire world.
  47. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the whole world!!

Sunday tattoo

Above picture is Dirk adding to my Tattoo collection at Art of the Needle.

So, tell me something about yourself that others may not know.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!



58 thoughts on “47 Things About Me for no Particular Reason.

  1. hahahahahaa…this was hilarious, I’d like to get that lasagna recipe please. I am going to try the apple pie with Amaretto and see what happens… I know death is a given but I want to live forever before I die, I also want the same for my mother and my entire family and all the people I love.

    You are a super klutz…hahah… you broke both legs…?! I must say I wondered if you were one of the persons on that video compilation I saw of people falling all over the place when it’s snowing…

    About me…

    I’m afraid to die
    I secretly wonder if I really like people
    I hate my job
    I still want to be a singer
    My Fave color is Black (everybody knows that)
    I love nature
    I am trying to figure out if all the accidents I had in the past are associated with the aches and pains I am feeling now… (like that time when that guy didn’t catch me and I fell flat on my back)

    okay I’ll save the rest for when ever I decide to write my about me post… I enjoyed learning about you… 🙂

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  2. We have so many things in common! Especially, no.13. Cheese is life. Trying to think of a fact about me that others might not know…ooh this is one we kind of also have in common- I was once offered a job as a stripper. I turned it down.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. We have SO MUCH in common:
    One of my favorite jobs was working in a bookstore.
    I dream of becoming a published author someday and am actively working to make it a reality (I’ve self-published two books)
    I’m trying to work as a freelance writer
    I have been a pescatarian for the second half of my life. My daughter has never tasted any meat – although she too is a pescatarian.
    I don’t not believe in ghosts but I certainly believe and have encountered several angels.
    Chocolate ranks high on my favorite foods.
    I really enjoy folding laundry and washing dishes.
    Cooking for other people is one of my favorite things to do.
    I love to paint walls.
    And I had a Grandma McKay! (My mother’s maiden name).

    Maybe we are related?

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  4. I like cheese, but I’m not fussed about chocolate. You haven’t convinced me to try the two things I don’t like – parsnips and rhubarb. I know I still don’t like parsnips because at least once a year I manage to put some in my mouth thinking it’s potato. I haven’t eaten rhubarb in almost 50 years, since it can’t disguise itself as something else.

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  5. So you got me drooling at the apple pie with amaretto – just have to try!! Shoes – hubby tried to get rid of some of mine last time we moved (not far) and then denied it, but I was not fooled! Now I use a wheelchair I can wear high heels again, cos I don’t have to walk in them!!! BTW you really need to sort out that babe of yours still waking you up 23 years later…..we have the same at 3am still wanting feeding, but now with kebabs after a night out drinking!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. We love the same flowers! I grew up in the Chicago area, so the climate is similar.

    I have to ask, do you sprinkle Amaretto in the dough, mix in with the apples, or both? The hubs loved apple pie.

    Love your list. Lots of fun.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Argh the shoe purge! I made a similar sacrifice when we moved to Canada…I had to give so many of my lovely shoes away. I mean, I know I don’t *need* that many shoes…I just love them…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. African violets are so pretty! My grandmother used to grow them. I had to leave behind my grandmothers christmas catus, it was once her mothers. I sent several pieces of it off to friends and family to keep it going. My cousin is now in charge of the plant, it must be about 80 years old!


  8. Ooh, such a fun post!
    I love the same flowers, they smell so good!! And cheese, and chocolate and shoes, oh my! I’m allergic to cats too – very sadly – but I love them! That apple pie sounds delicious, and I could do with some lasagne…. I’ve never tried a peach pie! That sounds like something special. I really hope you get to make your author dreams come true. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Getting something new from this again!! Love the post so I like seeing it again. I am in a rut too- time shortage is killing me.
    I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. To death!! Did you watch Ordinary Man? It only got one season but it was really good.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Can I have the recipe of your apple pie please? And… reading that you alternately broke your feet in the same way cracked me up!!! Sorry for laughing about two disgraces but I believe that was your intention when you wrote about it ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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