Mom Stories

After my last blog post, many kind people suggested that I try to think of all the good times that I had with my mom.  To try and stay focused on the happy, and not the sad memories associated with her.

So, in response to those suggestions I have come up with a few of my favorite Mom Stories to share.

The Doors

This might be my favourite memory.  My parents (when they were still married) were known for having some pretty amazing parties.  The biggest one of the year took place for Super Bowl, but in truth, there was little football to be watched at that party.  Oh, of course there were about 3 guys that found a room with a TV and watched the game like die hard fans, but the rest of the party was going on elsewhere.  My mom would spend DAYS preparing all of the food and each year she would have a different presentation.  I loved the year that she set all the food out to look like a King’s banquet, large turkey legs and huge cuts of meat, roasted to perfection.  (Well, that’s what everyone said anyway, I was a strict vegetarian at the time).  It really did look amazing.

As the day went on, the music got a little louder, drinks started to flow and the dancing got started.  We had recently moved into a new home that my parents helped design.  My mom was very proud of this house, very proud.  So her comments while dancing are true to form for her.

The Doors were playing, I was dancing with my mom, and some of her friends.  I was smiling from ear to ear and laughing, just enjoying every second and said. “I just LOVE the Doors!).  My mom’s friends also were smiling and nodding, really getting into the song.  My Mom, being my Mom stopped dancing, looked around the room and said in all seriousness, “Which one?  I love the French doors, those are my favourite.”  Everyone fell apart laughing.

Her Glasses, Pens, and Pencils

My mom was a public school teacher.  She wore reading glasses and frequently stuck pens and pencils behind her ear or in her hair as a way to keep track of them.  It rarely worked.

We were working on a project together, she and a friend had developed a game for their students and I was doing the art work for the cards.  I left for a bit to get some errands done, and I came back to find my mom very frustrated.  She was shaking her hand in the air like an old woman and said, ” I can’t find my damn glasses!”  Now, she was not one to swear often, so it usually made me nervous when she did.  However, this time I just started laughing!  She was shaking her fist, and holding a pair of glasses, on her head was ANOTHER pair of glasses, and best yet, she had a pair hanging around her neck on a chain.  But, She couldn’t find any of them!!  This, my friends, is what I have to look forward to as I age.

The Spitting Contest

My mom wasn’t a big drinker, she liked a glass of wine or some beer every now and then.  She did however cut loose whenever they had a party.  A party weekend at our house was usually a 3 day event.  Close friends would show up on Friday afternoon and help get things started,  This pre-party team consisted of my favorite people.  These were my parent close friends, people that I grew up with, and they all came in from out of town.  So, Friday evening usually involved lots of drinks, music and funny stories.

This also meant, that by Saturday afternoon, everyone was pretty much boozed up.  I remember one party weekend very well.  I had come upstairs, early afternoon, to see if I was needed to prepare anything.  I was usually put in charge of cutting up veggies or making dip.  Instead of being put to work, I found my mom and her dear friend Kathy, having a spitting contest in our kitchen.  Yes, in the kitchen.  In the kitchen, of the new house, that my mom was so proud of.  They were spitting cherry pits across the floor and singing songs from Oklahoma, only they only knew the one line “Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!”  This one line was sung with such gusto, and at the top of their lungs.  I was offered a few cherries to join in the game, but I passed as this seemed to be a two person event.


So, thank you very much to everyone who suggested  I work on remembering the good times.  There were many, and this was a great way to brighten my day!




46 thoughts on “Mom Stories

  1. How lovely to have such fun memories of your Mum Cherie – I’m sorry that she’s not with you any more, but it’s so nice that you have these little snapshots of her (and her humour) that you can carry with you to remind you of her and how much she loved you.
    #MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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  2. Oh, the glasses one. That’s my mother right there! She can never find them, usually has them right there, and everything is put on pause while she goes looking for them, even though she already has them. Your story made me laugh, three pairs!


  3. I’m glad that remembering some of your brighter moments with your mom helped ease your pain a little bit. I know I have to do that with my dad. I lost him about twenty years ago and I still miss him to this day. 😦

    But I also have good memories that sustain me. 🙂

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  4. These are such wonderful memories!! I love the one about your mom’s glasses… I’m the same way with pens, I’ll have them all stuck in my hair and be walking around the house wondering where the heck I put all of my pens!! 😂 Its always great to reminisce about the good times! 💖

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