A Long Weekend Getaway to St. Moritz

I should preface this by reporting that I actually did not see anything in St. Moritz other than the bank (to exchange Euro for Francs), the grocery store (to get a few snacks), and the Hockey rink.  The Hockey rink was the center of this entire trip.

We set out from Köln to St. Moritz on a Thursday morning, well before the rest of the world would ever dream of waking up.  Dirk did the driving on the 7.5 hour trek to Switzerland.  I did a little bit of napping, and  the occasion pointing out of cows and sheep along the way.  (Just in case he didn’t see the cows and sheep on his own.  We saw some goats and ponies too).  We chose to drive versus fly for a few reasons:  The cost to fly with all of Dirks goalie gear as well as our suitcase, and we thought it would be nice to see all of the sights along the way.  Like, the goats, cows and ponies I made sure to point out to Dirk.  We also got to drive through the Alps.

So, as it turns out, my fear of heights, falling and general anxiety related to roller coaster type rides has become quite pronounced over the years.  I about lost my shit on the drive through the Alps.  MY GOD THOSE MOUNTAIN ROADS ARE A NIGHTMARE!  Driving along the edge of the mountain, no guard rails, circling curves up the damn mountain.  AAGGHH!, I am starting to hyperventilate just writing about this!

The views were indeed spectacular, just stunning.  Well, the views that I could see through my hands that were covering my eyes because I was certain we were going to plunge to our deaths off the side of the fucking cliffs!  Now, I have driven through the Blue Ridge Mountains several times, and I did feel some anxiety, a little fear.  But NOTHING like the way I felt in the Alps.  Is this an age thing, am I turning into a big wuss as I get older?  Or was it just that much more intense to be in the Alps versus the Blue Ridge?  By the way, Dirk LOVED the drive through the mountains.  Of course he did.

We did finally make it to our destination, a beautiful hotel called Hotel Schloss in Pontresina, just a few miles from St. Moritz.  This is the view I had from my hotel window.


The rooms were very nice, so was the pool and the saunas,  (I did not use the spa services) and the views were just stunning.  (The food on the other hand, was terrible!  Well, let me clarify, the breakfast buffet was nice, it was the evening meals that were just horrible).  I absolutely recommend the hotel as a place to stay,  just be sure to get your meals elsewhere.   Eating out wasn’t really an option for us, this was a package deal that included our breakfast and evening meal.

The real reason we made this trip was for the hockey tournament that Dirk and his team were taking part.  This is also the reason that I did not see any of the nearby sights, we spent each day at the ice rink watching hockey.  Lucky for me, I really do like to watch hockey, so it was a great time.  We could not have asked for better weather, the sun was shining bright each day,  with a slight breeze to cool everyone off.  Just perfect for an outdoor rink.


Dirk, in charge of the Cologne Huskies battle flag.  We all took turns carrying this thing around with us.

The games were great, lots of excitement and best yet….The Cologne Huskies ended up the Champions of the tournament.  Not too shabby for some “old boys hockey”.  This was the first annual St. Moritz cup, and from the sounds of it, the guys want to go back next year for another round.  I am looking forward to it!

That being said, the ride home was the longest ride through Switzerland ever recorded.  It took us 5 hours to get out of Switzerland.  5 hours!  The country is not even 5 hours long for crying out loud!  The traffic was a nightmare.  The ride home took us a total of 10 hours!  Dirk was exhausted by the time we made it home, and so was I.  There are only so many cows and ponies you can point out before you get tired of it.  Plus, it was dark, I couldn’t even see them anymore.

So, we have already made a plan to travel to Switzerland again next year.  But next year, we will travel via train.  Maybe I will even get to see some of  the little town of St. Moritz!  I’ll let you know how it all goes next year.




54 thoughts on “A Long Weekend Getaway to St. Moritz

      1. I remember a trip in Spain along the Sierras in about 1980. The alpine roads were a new experience and utterly terrifying as the bus we were on seemed to hang out over every hairpin. I understand you’re need to focus on the livestock.

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      2. We discussed other modes of transport to get me to Switzerland in the future. I am fairly certain that I would actually die if I was on a bus. We are planning on train next time, and possible use of horse tranquilizers to calm me down for the journey.


  1. I hear you on the scary roads through the Alps, I’ve done it and can’t say I enjoyed it anymore that you did! I love the fact that you pointed out the cows, sheep and ponies to Dirk – so thoughtful of you!! Your view from the room was amazing and i didn’t realise they have outdoor ice rinks, I assumed it would be an inside stadium, it looked fabulous! I loved the tone in this post and was smiling all the way through – Plus, it was dark, I couldn’t even see them anymore – just cracked me up 🙂

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    1. I was surprised about the rink too. It was almost 60F each day, so it must have taken a lot of power to keep the ice hard. The guys were all smiles on the ice, they just loved it!
      I have always pointed out all the animals that I see on a car trip, some people enjoy it, others not so much. Dirk is very tolerate of my help in this way. 🙂

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  2. Thank goodness you were there to point out all the cows and sheep and goats and ponies. I’m not sure what Dirk would have done otherwise. I like to provide that kind of service for anyone I’m driving with, it’s an important part of the journey.

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  3. Oh, with roads like that I would take the train, too! Having just driven in the UK, I’m happy with public transportation abroad and I have my share of skinny mountains roads here. It just feels different to do it in another country. And I do love the view from your hotel, not jealous at all…

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  4. Good work Dirk! I think I would love that kind of drive, if someone else is behind the wheel! I’d be waaay too scared to drive it myself though!

    p.s. yay for animal spotting. I love that job too!

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  5. I’m a wuss on rollercoasters and heights so I would have been having palpitations on those roads too. Glad you had a great time once you got there and want to go back and do it all again. I had to laugh at the flag – I thought it was a picture of your dog until I read the name of the team!
    MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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  6. Reading about your fears of driving on mountain roads, I was thinking what you would have done on the hill station roads here in various hill towns in India on the foothills of the Himalayas…..me, sitting beside the driver on the long drives on some of these most dangerous roads always have the heart in my mouth with several feet deep gorges on one side and steep mountain sides on the other, hairpin bends at every few meters……..:)….though the views are breathtaking….in Shimla, Nainital, Darjeeling, Sikkim and many other old hill stations………..lovely to know about St. Moritz, and your little adventure there.

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  7. I’ve noticed the last couple of years that driving (riding) over Guardsman Pass in Utah, with it’s curves and sharp drop offs has gotten more and more terrifying for me. Maybe it is an age thing. I’m happy you survived. The train ride sounds like a great option!

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  8. I have always associated St. Moritz with the indulgent rich and famous. Thanks for giving a truer view of this picturesque part of the world. I know a little about scary roads. My husband insisted on drive in London, Rome, and Paris. The worse was trying to keep from hitting rock walls on English country roads. Thanks for this post, Cherie. I remember visiting you a few months ago! 🙂

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    1. St Moritz is a place for the rich and indulgent, bu the McKayHorst family went in the off season! It was their last weekend before shutting down until the money people show up in December. We also brought a picnic basket full of food and drinks, cuz we are classy that way and we didn’t want to spend 7 francs for a water. 🙂


  9. Mountain drives absolutely terrify me, so I can so relate. I drove up Mt. Washington, which is considered the most dangerous road in America, and it was the first time in my life I came close to having a full-blown anxiety attack. Never again!

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