Our “Programs”

Growing up, I often spent summer days at my Grandparents house while my parents were working.  Sometimes my cousins joined me there, and these were the best days.  Up at the crack of dawn, breakfast, and then out in the woods exploring under it started to get dark.

Except when it was raining.  Those days weren’t too bad, we would sometimes convince my Grandma that we should be allowed to play in the many sheds, barns, or the garage.  Some days she would agree, and others she wouldn’t.

We dreaded the days that she didn’t agree.  At exactly 1pm, we had to be quiet.  This lasted until 4pm. It was torture and near impossible. But, Grandma’s Programs were on.  Sometimes her sisters would come over too, and watch The Programs.  The Programs were also know as Soap Operas, well not in her house they weren’t, they were The Programs. My friends grandma called them her Stories.  At 1pm, All My Children began, then One Life to Live and finally, General Hospital.

As I have grown up, and become as close to an adult as I am willing to do, I have found my own Programs over the years.

It started in the 90’s with The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and The XFiles.    We would all get together at a local bar on Sunday evenings to watch The Simpsons.  During the week, I would go to my Aunt and Uncles house to watch Seinfeld, and The Xfiles.  It was an unwritten rule that everyone was quiet until after the shows, then we had dinner and drinks and talked about the episode.

A few years back, True Blood was my Program, but after a few seasons it lost my interest.  (I LOVED the book series, but the show veered too far away and just got weird, in my opinion.)

My husband and I got hooked on Game of Thrones, and are anxiously awaiting another season like the addicts we are.  I do miss watching this on Sunday night with Diana (Sierra and Cheyenne are not fans and so I would watch with Sierra’s friend, Diana.  She gets it).

So, in the mean time there is Netflix and Amazon Prime.  We just started season 2 of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  Prior to that we binged on season 3 of BroadChurch, all the available seasons of The Crown, MidSommer Murders, Father Brown, Santa Clarita Diet is a favorite, we LOVED Penny Dreadful, River, Vikings and Lucifer (OMG they need to hurry up with season 4 already!!)  We have watched several episodes of Peaky Blinders.  I love the story line, but it’s a bit too violent for me.

So, how about you?  What are your “Programs”?  Do you watch them with others?  What are your recommendations, I am always looking for a new Program.


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47 thoughts on “Our “Programs”

  1. I’m watching A Discovery of Witches and enjoying it (books are still better) and I’m looking forward to Outlander starting again. Try it – set between Scotland and America 1700s and 1900’s

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  2. Love this post! It was the same at my nanas house her programs were the soaps! I think things are a bit different now with tv that you can record and Netflix and binge watching. We love a lot of American tv shows and a good British drama!

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    1. Luckily we have Netflix so that Cheyenne and I can watch some shows in English. We have Amazon Prime too, and some of that we can get in English, but most is dubbed over in German..ugh. I agree, a lot has changed since Netflix and the ability to record shows. I do miss having a certain night where everyone was watching, then you would all talk about it the next day. Now you have to be careful not to give out spoilers for people.

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  3. We have some similar faves! We love Broadchurch! I thought the same about Peaky Blinders. We love Taboo and have just started Billions, which is heavy but interesting. It’s fun to make shows a communal thing. It’s the one thing I miss about working not for myself is the watercooler conversation about the latest shows!

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  4. I loved Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency! I loved the first, older version, as well as the crazy netflix version.

    My husband is going through all the star trek voyager shows. There are sooooo many!! I didn’t know I’d like them, but I enjoy them as a background while I’m sorting out photos for my blog!

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      1. It’s really old, but you might like Jonathan Creek as well. I am sure I watched it on netflix a while ago, but I’m not sure if it’s still on.

        It’s like a detective show, but with really good twists and plots (and reeeeally 90s fashion!)

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  5. My ‘stories’ are Grey’s Anatomy, Madame Secretary, Queen Sugar, and Frankie & Grace (netflix). I watch and enjoy plenty of others with my husband but these would be ones I don’t like to miss. I enjoy watching the development of the strong female characters.

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  6. Ok. I’m a Whovian, so I always recommend Dr. Who on Amazon Prime. On Netflix there is Stranger Things, The DareDevil, and they just put in all the old Monty Python episodes and Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father is hysterical. Since my husband is a chef, we also watch a lot of the cooking shows like The Great British Baking Show, and Lords and Ladles.

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  7. I always love to read what people are watching on Netflix because it helps me find new shows! I’ve actually never heard of most of the shows you are watching. I’ve had The Crown on my list for awhile, but I haven’t watched a single episode yet. I just finished Black Mirror. That was very good and thought provoking. I also just finished 13 Reasons Why. I’m trying to decide what series to start next. In the meantime, I’m watching Blue Bloods, Heartland, I love all the Marvel shows, and Shitt’s Creek.

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  8. I’ve never been much of a TV binge watcher. We don’t have Netflix because I’m scared I’ll spend all the time I’m not attached to my laptop – being attached to the TV instead! We’ve been watching the latest series of Elementary – nothing like a bit of offbeat Sherlock Holmes and I watched the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale but didn’t like season 2 so turned it off.
    MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM 🙂


  9. Nice reading about this Cherie….apart from following one or two long running Indian soaps here in our country, I mainly love binge watching Homeland[I wish they continue for ever :):)], Grey’s Anatomy, Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbach, and another hit Swedish detective series Wallander[I absolutely love it], and some more.

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  10. I love The Programs!! Otherwise known as TV shows or soap operas 😊. At the moment I’m loving the new Doctor Who and on The Rain a Danish made show on Netflix, plus the Good Place. I don’t have a lot of time for watching but once I find a show I like I make the effort. Great memories of your time with your grandparents.

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  11. Broadchurch! I loved Broadchurch! Also The Killing. (Season One more than Two, but still). And did you watch Happy Valley? (Terrible, stupid name. Great music by Jake Bugg tho). Oh — and my Gramma watched Lawrence Welk. (I totally win)

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  12. This reminded me of my childhood – my grandma, her sister and their mother all used to live together – with my grandad (he must have been a saint – wife, sister in law and mother in law!!!). They loved General Hospital, but “their” program was The Onedin Line and I can still hear the music.
    I have been watching a Discovery of Witches, but am eagerly awaiting the German drama “Dark” second season. My daughter and I absolutely loved the first season. C x

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