An Afternoon Trip to a Pumpkin Patch

One of my goals for this fall was to start up where we left off last year with Sunday afternoon castle visits.  So far I haven’t convinced the rest of the household that this is a great plan.(Don’t worry, I am working on this.)

However, I did convince them to go to see a pumpkin patch this past Sunday.

My hope was to go to Ludwigsburg, they have the largest pumpkin festival in the world.  But, that town is a few hours away from us here in Hürth, and no one was feeling up to a long road trip. So, we found the next best thing.  It is a pumpkin patch in Mechernich, Germany and it was only about 30 minutes away from where we live!

Pumpkins and other squash everywhere!  There was a nice little cafe available and we had cake and tea. Pumpkin secco was available. They had a cute little gift shop, filled with lots of adorable gifts that were way over priced (as these places usually are).  Fun to look, but nothing I needed to buy.  Even the pumpkins and squash were a bit over priced, no worries, we will buy ours at our local farmers market later this week.

It was worth the trip to see the pumpkin “art” or statues or whatever you want to call these things.  Here is some of what we saw:


The pumpkin King, Elvis.  He was my favourite.

Two pumpkin knights getting ready to joust


Robin Hood, wearing a pumpkin outfit


And of course, a giant pumpkin crown.

We skipped out on the corn maze.  Jack the dog was with us, and he was a little over stimulated with all of the people, kids and other dogs.

But, all in all, it was a fun little road trip.  Who doesn’t want to see a pumpkin Elvis and drink pumpkin flavored secco?  (I passed on the pumpkin secco).


22 thoughts on “An Afternoon Trip to a Pumpkin Patch

      1. I was wondering because the first time I was in Ireland, we found a house that was completely decked out in Elvis decor and shit. It was over the top hilarious 🤣🤔. So, I’ve always wondered if he’s still big in Europe.

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