Christmas Market Adventures with Dirk

Saturday night, Dirk left the shop early so he could take me to Köln.  We had grand plans to see all of the Christmas Markets in the city.  There are a total of seven markets in the city itself, and more as you head out of the city center. We were going to visit all seven of them!

He got home at around 5:30pm, it was already very dark and super cold.  But, there was no rain in the forecast so this seemed like the perfect night to hit the town.

We bundled up in many layers, and headed down to catch the train.  It was really , really cold.  But, we were determined.  A little cold would not stop us, I am from Michigan after all.  (A little truth here:  I was born in Michigan, but I never liked living there.  It was too damn cold for me.  I LOVED living in North Carolina, where it was lovely, sunny and warm most of the year.)

We arrived to see this lovely site.


The Dom Market was packed full of people enjoying hot Glühwein and various other yummy treats.  It was so full that we had a hard time even seeing what the vendors had for sale.  But it all smelled delightful.

We wandered through the hoards of Christmas Market celebrators, and decided it was time to get something to eat.  The lines were so long for the stands, so we found a good Döner shop and got a bite there instead.  (It was also much warmer inside, I was able to feel my nose again after sitting inside for thirty minutes).

After the food we walked through the Gnome Market, which is my favorite spot.  There are little gnomes all over the market.  Even the little Glühwein mugs have different gnomes on them.  (For those that know me well, you know I LOVE gnomes!)


One of the many decorated trees through out the city, and note the little sign with the gnome.

We managed to go through three markets before I decided that I may actually freeze to death.  Even Dirk, who is of strong German Stock, felt it was just too damn cold for this shit.  We headed back to the train station.


We were in luck the train was coming in just 3 minutes!

However, we soon found out that our luck had run out.  The train was coming, but it was only running part way to our home.  There were some mechanical issues, or so we were told.  We boarded the train and hoped for the best.  At least it was warm on the train.

Luckily, at that stop, they had arranged a large bus to bring the train passengers to the train stops further down the line.  We only had to walk a short way to catch the bus. It was warm on the bus.  We thought all was right with the world again.

It wasn’t.  The bus took us to another train station, but not the train station where our car was parked.  We were dropped about 8 stations away from where we needed to be.  Back to being very, very cold.  There was an announcement  made overhead that said that the train were starting back up, and should be there in 30 minutes.  We could do this!!  They also announced that the trains going back toward Köln were cancelled.

We waited, and waited.  They made more announcements about delays.  Finally a train showed up, but it was a train on the side of the tracks heading to the city.  However, Dirk thought that since they had “cancelled” that train, it would go the opposite direction. I disagreed.

We got on the train.  The train took us toward the city (Just like I told my husband it would.) We quickly got off at the first station.  We were now 9 stations away from home.  It was really, really cold.

More delays announced.  I thought I might cry, but actually started laughing because this shit ALWAYS happens to us.  Dirk laughed too.  During our episode of manic laughter, I noticed a cab had pulled up to the parking area and was letting people out of the cab.  We made a mad dash across the platform, and across the tracks, over to the parking lot.

We hailed the cab!!  It was warm , so nice and warm.  It was a lovely, warm ride to the station.  It was the best 20 euro that we spent all night.  I climbed out of the cab, a little sad that I was back into the cold, but happy that we had finally made it back to the car.

The car didn’t want to start.  Why would it?

We sat there, saying prayers to many Gods, Goddesses and other random beings.

The car finally started.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, the train arrived at the station.  Of course it did.



48 thoughts on “Christmas Market Adventures with Dirk

  1. oh don’t; you are my life doppelganger – clearly we must be, if not related, then infected by the same unassailable desire to experience life three shits at a time. Maybe you could try rebirthing because clearly you were an awful person in a previous life and you might as well know how and enjoy a little schadenfreude as you numb your bum for Christmas… Happy holidays!

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  2. Sounds like an adventure my husband and I would have trying to get to NYC for the holidays. Too cold or too wet and cold, lines that are too long and always having transportation problems of one kind or another.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I went to a German Christmas market last weekend here in California. It was to benefit a local International German School. It was fun, but nothing like the true German experience. Someday I will do the real thing. My brother is living in Berlin right now. He Facetimed me today from a market in his neighborhood. It look beautiful, but very cold.

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  4. Oh Cherie I loved this story – a calamity of events indeed – and being freezing cold would have just topped it off. Glad it all worked out in the end and you weren’t left walking home! I also was amazed at the crowds packed into that first picture – it makes me appreciate living in Australia!
    Thanks for your support of MLSTL through the year and I’ve shared this on my SM – Merry Christmas! 🙂

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  5. Christmas markets are great to be in at this time of the year, and it’s good to know that you have braved the cold to be in it……we are having lots of those markets here in Calcutta too, when the weather is chilly, but nothing compared to the cold you are facing…:)…. hope you’ve done some nice Christmas shopping out there.

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  6. The boys are on a half day from school tomorrow, so we plan on heading into Belfast for the Market there. I’ll probably have to sell a kidney just to buy them a hot chocolate, but ya know… Christmas 🎄

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  7. Gotta love Christmas markets, but wow you had such bad luck with the trains! But that’s how it always is with public transport, right? It barely works the way it should.


  8. Oh nooooo!! Your feet must have been freezing. It sounds like you needed extra wine in a hot flask for your way home!

    The market itself looks crazily busy! Even with seven markets to choose from, that is a LOT of people out and about! Was it mostly German folks, or were there loads of tourists?

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      1. Yeah, I am not sure i’d fancy being in a crowd that big, but I’d love to visit more German christmas markets. Now I know…go on weekdays!

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  9. I love a Christmas market, would be great to travel to Germany or Belgium and experience the traditional ones. My uncle goes every year and brings me back chocolates! The gnomes thing sounds fab too. Your journey of disaster made me chuckle!


  10. Merry Christmas, Cherie! This sounds like quite the adventure and something that would happen to me and my husband. You are such a trooper to brave the cold but I can see the markets where totally worth it! I love the idea of the gnome one. We have a similar town near us called Leavenworth, many people go there in the winter for the festivities with a Bavarian theme. I hope you have a happy New Year and stay warm!

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