Papers Towels, AKA Macho Blow

Cheyenne brought home a nasty cold virus last week.  She is a snot machine.  She was sick enough to visit the doctor, and was given an Entschuldigung(work/school note) for three days off from work.  Three days at home spent spreading the damn virus to me and Dirk.

Dirk and I started fighting the snots a few days ago.  There is a lot of nose blowing going on here at the McKay Horst and Rackley home.

I was prepared for this, as I seem to always develop a URI’s and end up with a snotty nose for weeks on end.  I bought a large package full of little TaschenTücher and have strategically placed them all over the apartment.  For those of you that have no idea what these are I will explain.  They are little packages, purse size to be exact, of tissues.  Most if not all women through out Europe carry these in their purse, mostly so you have some damn paper to use when having to use a public toilet. They help bridge the language barrier too.  I have once been the only woman in the public toilet that had my tissues with me, I was welcomed to the fold like a war hero.  I think there may be a monument made in my honour since I saved the day by arriving and sharing my tissues. But I digress, they are also  used, of course, to blow your nose.  I have managed to find a few places that carry boxes of tissues, like the type we use in America.  I do have a box or two around the house as well, although, I have never seen them at anyone else’s home here in Germany.

The point is, I have many options available for use here in our little apartment.  All at arm’s reach.

But that doens’t stop them.  Ever.

Dirk and Cheyenne insist upon doing what I like to call, the Macho Blow.

Instead of grabbing a soft, often cutely decorated tissue, they walk to the kitchen and use a sheet of kitchen paper towel to blow their nose.


Why?  Why do you do this to me?  What is the purpose?  Doesn’t it hurt your nose?

Today the dog vomited.  It’s a regular event at my house as Jack the Dog spends his time outdoors trying to tunnel his way to Australia.  During this very intense process he ends up eating as much dirt and grass as he manages to dig up.  Thus, he comes back into the apartment to puke this all over my floors.

You are probably wondering how the dog vomiting story is relevant?

Because I need to use paper towels to clean it up!!!  I specifically buy paper towels for this purpose only.  Everything else in the house is cleaned with reusable towels.  But, I am not about to clean up vomit with something I have to use again, eeewww.



Jack is often very tired after trying to dig through to another continent.

Normally, during non-cold season, my paper towel purchase will last for months!  This is not the case during the snot-fest that is going on now.  We are at a critical low level.

Anyone else have family members that do the Macho Blow, or geez, worse yet, the Macho Wipe?

No, just me?





60 thoughts on “Papers Towels, AKA Macho Blow

  1. Bring it on, the Boal don’t seem to be fussy what they blow their nose on and will use whatever is to hand; paper towel, toilet roll, napkin (!!!) or actually sometimes tissue, with the amount we go through, it’s probably just as well, though I do feel sorry for the forests

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  2. Macho Blow!! This is brilliant!

    Every man I have ever lived with does the exact same thing. I could put a nice box of super soft tissues in their lap and they would still get up and walk to the kitchen to blow their nose into a scratchy, rough, store brand paper towel.

    I always think the same thing as you, “Doesn’t that HURT?”

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      1. Too true. I would love to know how the male brain negotiates these things. I used to live with one that would leave his trash on top of the lid of the kitchen trash can, because apparently it was too much of an effort to lift the lid to put the trash inside of the can. Baffling.

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  3. I’m the one with the macho blow in our house. When I was teaching primary school, I would let the class laugh at my elephant trumpety blow once, and then say “Get used to it!” Even when I haven’t got a cold, but am just blowing my nose, it’s like an elephant. As for the thing I blow into – whatever’s handiest: tissues, kitchen towel, napkins…I’m not proud!

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  4. We definitely use the proper tissues in tissue boxes here in the UK!!!
    I can’t abide by using kitchen towels to blow noses!!!
    My father in law actually worked for Kimberley Clark, which was a paper mill. So they make tissues, kitchen towel, toilet rolls etc! Even though he retired, he still gets a staff discount, meaning at our house and theirs, there is an abundance of tissue!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon!

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  5. Fun fact about no toilet paper in Germany is noted, as I might be going there later this year. My husband grabs whatever is convenient, which often is a napkin. My delicate nose prefers soft tissues! Lol

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  6. I would be livid if anyone in my house used kitchen towel to blow their nose and not tissues. I have boxes of tissues all over the house anyway as I weirdly get a runny nose whenever I eat! So I have to have tissues at hand at all times (I eat a lot). Can’t believe you can’t get boxes of tissues easily in Germany!

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    1. It’s weird isn’t it? I have found a few stores that carry them, but sometimes there are out of stock. I am used to the US where there is an entire store aisle dedicated to just tissues. (OK, I know that is weird too, but’s it’s what I know)I have gotten used to keeping the little packets laying all over the place though.

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  7. I also have the Cold That Won’t Leave, as well as the good sense to stock the house with both regular tissue (for ordinary use) and the stuff with lotion in (for times like this, when my nose will literally fall off if I’m not moisturizing with each blow.)


    If I’m in the kitchen, doing dishes or something equally awful and steamy that causes the snot to flow? If the nearest barrier when the sneeze comes on fast and furious is a rough and scratchy paper towel? Yup, I’ll go for the macho blow. Yes, it hurts. It also holds—even my select-a-size itty little sheets—more “blows” than a meager Puffs Plus with aloe and lotion that does everything but pat you on the head and tut.

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  8. This had me giggling. My husband is a hankie man – seriously, is there anyone on earth that still uses a hankie? I refuse to wash them – he has to do it. Ugh. Hope you’re all feeling better soon – there is very little worse than a head cold… (Visiting from #MLSTL)

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  9. Isn’t it interesting the things we take for granted? I thought tissue boxes would be the norm everywhere – now I’ve been educated! I guess paper towels are fairly cost effective when you’re producing that much bodily fluid – whether it’s from your nose or stomach. Good luck with surviving in your disease infested house and may you all get better quickly xx
    thanks for linking up to MLSTL – I’ve shared this on my SM 🙂


  10. Oh yes, the macho blow!! I know it well. I prefer the little tissue packets… Mum bought a proper tissue box recently and I was like “i dont have space for that!” haha… The little tissue pockets can fit anywhere, even in my pencil bag or my pocket!

    I hope you all feel better soon xx

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  11. Husband cancer means he is always needs something to wipe his nose/mouth. I like you would think a nice soft tissue would do the trick. No, he goes through three rolls of paper towels and is still on his first box of tissues. Go figure. lol

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  12. In desperation I will use a paper towel, but those grate like sand paper against my delicate nose. Please hand me the aloe tissues please. And last night, on national television, I watched Tom Brady use the gym teacher tissue as my husband calls it. I call it the hiker’s tissue.

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  13. Macho blow. I love it! I’ve been known to grab anything to blow my drippy nose, but paper towel over a long period of time is irritating. I would buy a three-pack and set them around the house. When their noses are raw they’ll beg for tissue.

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