A Brief Glimpse of Sunshine

It has been grey, cold and raining for 40 days and 40 nights.  The amount of rain we get here during a western Germany winter is almost biblical. OK, I may be exaggerating a tad, just a tad.  But seriously, I think the last time I saw the sun it was September, it’s now January.

I have often said I am meant for warmer climes.  My home life while living in North Carolina was nothing short of a nightmare.  However, I feel like I was able to tolerate so many things because of the almost constant sunshine and warm weather.  When the sun shines, I feel amazing, joyful and filled with energy.  On the other hand, I am a depressed slug, moving at the speed of a sloth when it’s cold and grey.

With a start of a new year, I generally feel a new sense of purpose.  Usually, it is a reminder that the sun will come out again, the rain will help create flowers in the Spring, the joy of a sunshine filled Spring that will make everything good again.

That didn’t happen with this New Year.  While my family has gone on with our normal lives in the New Year, two sets of our close friends are dealing with sadness and terrible, senseless tragedy.  All of their lives changed forever, with no chance of going back to the easier times before.

The sun came out today.  The clouds cleared away, there was no rain for about an hour while the sun shone. During that brief time in the sun, I felt hope.  It was short lived of course, the clouds quickly came back, and the rain started again. The reality of a cold dark January setting back in for the long haul.

But, for the briefest of moments, I felt hope for both families, hope that they can continue forward, lives forever altered but on a new path.  A new path that will include sunshine again.


Do you find that sunshine lifts your spirits?  Does it help you through the sad times of life?



12 thoughts on “A Brief Glimpse of Sunshine

  1. There’s something grimly Northern European that we all suffer from and that’s the over washed undies that colour our skies in the Jan to March period. If it dumps snow then ok I’ll forgive it a while but just sitting there making it permanently a dirty sort of dusk is just despressing, like always finding the last choclate is a strawberry cream. Maybe that’s why we have large wars and try and take over the rest of the world… I bet if they did a study they’d find that the old European colonial powers did their foreign aggrandisement thing in the winter months just to get away from the drab skies back home ‘I say, Tarquin, fancy a little jolly to the old sub continent to gratuitously annnex another piece of blue skied heaven, what? How’s the diary looking?’ ‘Let’s see, Carruthers: I can fit you in February. Have to be back to the cricket and tiffin.’

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  2. I know what you mean about sunshine somehow making things seem better, brighter. We’ve been lucky in the UK so far this winter. There has been some rain but sun too and not too cold. I think it’s coming though! Wishing you and your friends a bit of sunshine hope.

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