Furniture Buying, and Becoming an Adult

There is something about buying new furniture that makes me feel like a successful and responsible adult.

It’s true, I have not always lived the most conventional lifestyle.  We did after all, sell or donate most of our belongings and move abroad to Germany.  During the years prior to the move, we lived in a tiny, yet cozy, little basement apartment.  As we got closer and closer to the move, the apartment started to look more and more like a dorm room and less like an apartment where two professionals lived.  We slowly got rid of most of the furniture, instead of a living room sofa, we had two giant beanbag pillows.  (Not gonna lie, I miss those things!)

Our new German apartment was fully furnished by Dirk’s friends and family.  We have been so lucky, and very thankful for all that they have done for us. We were even given beds and linen! Without their help, we would have been sleeping on air mattresses and using towels as blankets. We came here with just two suitcases of belongings each, bare minimum.

But here we are, 1.5 years since our move to Germany.  The bed that was gifted to us has over stayed it’s welcome as far as I am concerned.  It was a double bed, entirely too small.  Dirk and I are not small people, not small at all. Our feet hung off the end of the bed if we didn’t curl up a bit, and when we curled up, one person usually got shoved to the very edge.  Dirk claims that he was the one always sleeping on the edge, I beg to differ. We made it work, because buying a new bed wasn’t in the First Year plan, and it was a lot better than sleeping on the tile floor.

Last night, Dirk sent me a text saying he was on his way to pick up a new bed.  We had been discussing this plan, and had been trying to determine if now was a good time financially to do this.

Thankfully, it was.

He sent me this picture.


The three of us carted all of it up the four flights of stairs without too much difficultly.  I think it didn’t bother me much because I was so damn happy to have this new bed!

Dirk had it set up in less than 30 minutes.  He’s amazing.

It’s the first piece of furniture that we have bought since our move to Germany.

I think this purchase means we are now card carrying adults, or something like that.  I do know one thing for sure, we are much better rested people now, regardless of age or maturity.

Have you made a household purchase that made you feel more adult-like?




33 thoughts on “Furniture Buying, and Becoming an Adult

  1. Lol YES!!

    This totally makes me feel like an adult too. You are sooooo lucky that your friends and family were able to help with furniture. We basically had to buy everything in the first few months when we moved. It made us pretty poor for a while!

    The other thing that makes me feel like an adult is driving. I passed my test when I was 19, but I hardly ever bothered to drive in the UK or Japan because public transport is so good. Now whenever Marc and drive off on an adventure I feel like an actual grown-up!

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      1. I bet you’ll be okay once you try. I was reeeally nervous driving on the right side of the road to start with – for you it’s the same side as the US isn’t it?

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  2. Nah, you only become an adult when you get something or do something you can’t hand back (ignoring tattoos which are just soooo last century). Like children, when they do them on sale or return they’ll fall off the list but for now that’s my only really piece of adult behaviour. And even though they’re now in the twenties they still seem to be here like part of the furniture….

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  3. Ha I’m glad I’m not the only one that (kind of) feels like an adult when I go furniture shopping. It is so worth investing in a good bed though. I hope you have lots of restful nights’ sleep on it. Oh and I love the photo of the new bed on Dirk’s car!


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