Patterned Toilet Paper, One of my Favourite Things About Germany.

Yesterday I did my bi-weekly grocery shopping.  I have been here in Germany for about a year and a half, and I still love to go grocery shopping.  It still feels like an adventure, and not the scary adventure it once was.  Now, I am able to read a lot of the packaging and this has helped me avoid many  mishaps.  One of my nursing school friends, Julie, told a great story about her husband.  He had moved to Copenhagen before she and the kids made the move to be with him.  While he was there he, of course, needed to do the dishes and laundry.  Turns out, he was putting a rinse aid in the dishwasher instead of dishwasher soap and had been using fabric softener as laundry soap.  It’s easier than you think to buy the wrong products when you can’t read the local language.  Relying on packaging isn’t always a sure thing.

Germany seems to have a thing for patterned and scented toilet paper.  I have since adopted the obsession as my own.  I LOVE it. At first, I didn’t realize that the paper was scented, since I wasn’t able to read the packaging.  I could never figure out where the scent was coming from, and thought it was from the bathroom cleaner I was using.  Dirk figured it out, and then read the package to me.

Over the past year, I have found toilet paper that had little tattooed men on it(perfect for the tattoo shop!), a lovely camomile scented paper with pretty little flowers,  adorable little squirrels holding acorns with a “winterlichen duft”.  I think it smells a little like Calvin Klein Obsession, a Weihnachtsedition that smells like Christmas cookies, and of course my most recent find, little pugs holding flowers and the words “I Love You”.  I am still on the look out for the ever elusive Unicorn toilet paper that has a cotton candy scent.  I have been told it is out there, but I have yet to get my hands on a roll.

I know you can find some TP in the USA with patterns on them, but I do not remember there being such a variety.  Just another reason why Germany is so much fun.

Why am I so excited to buy fun toilet paper?  I have no idea, but I am.  While shopping this week, I got my groceries at Netto and I bought my squirrel paper there, I also picked up matching kitchen rolls.  Because who doesn’t need matching squirrel paper for their bathroom and kitchen?  I needed to stop at DM to buy some shampoo, but had to do a quick walk through the toilet paper aisle, just in case there was something special.  And there was!  So yes, I bought more toilet paper, not because we needed it….but because we Needed it!


What quirky things do you like to buy for your home?

44 thoughts on “Patterned Toilet Paper, One of my Favourite Things About Germany.

  1. Hi Cherie, when I read the title of your post I thought you’d never seen patterned toilet paper before! But after reading to the end and seeing your photos, I understand exactly where you’re coming from! I’d be in the supermarket everyday looking for a new design! How cute! I don’t look for patterned toilet paper, usually I just get something plain, but I’ve only ever seen flowers on toilet paper, nothing like the designs you’ve got there! Thanks for putting a smile on my face – and next time I’m in Germany (in 11 days!!!) I’m going to take a look in the supermarket and maybe bring a few rolls home with me. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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  2. The squirrel pattern!!! I wish we had this stuff in the States! I think the quirkiest thing in our house is a tiny glass penguin, less than an inch tall, that I move around to different houseplant pots every week so he can get a change of scenery. 🙂

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  3. That is the cutest freaking thing ever! I just went on a quick amazon hunt, convinced if I was willing to pay for shipping I could get something almost as cute here, but nope! That’s a Germany exclusive, which means you’ll need to kick the dog off the couch* because I’m making the weirdest shopping trip ever 😉

    *I am, of course, kidding. I’ll share the couch—he’s adorable.

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  4. I love this! One of the great things about traveling around the world is finding cool and unique items that exist there but not where you live…when I went to Tokyo the first time, I was so excited to see iPhone covers that were food – not sure if you saw this but here is my bacon-and-egg iPhone cover – and the Kit Kat store as well!

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  5. Awesome!!

    We noticed all the crazy coloured loo roll in Portugal too. You could buy it in colours to match your bathroom – even in black! I have to admit, i never even considered buying black loo roll!! I didn’t know it could smell too though! ❤

    My uncle had loads of stories of buying the wrong things when he lived in Japan. The worst was when he thought he'd bought toothpaste, but it turned out to be shaving foam!! I learned to read before I moved there, so I never had *quite* as many issues!

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  6. Oh, as much as I love (LOVE) it, there is no way I could wipe butt with squirrel paper, it would break my heart. Locally M&S sell printed & scented paper, but it’s expensive, I do sometimes treat myself to their seated bin liners though – they are a brilliant idea!

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  7. wipe your butt with a tattooed man, ha ha… a long time ago im sure Andrex had toilet roll with puppies on it, they probably still do, but expensive. Think I will look in Aldi next week to see if they have anything similar. My kids would love the squirrels – but yes does seem a shame to wipe yourself with them.

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  8. Aren’t they just adorable Cherie? I guess it would take a while to get used to doing the simple grocery shopping in a new country. Little things like that we all take for granted, would mean extra time and lot’s of mistakes in a different countries supermarket!

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  9. You’re right. Those patterned toilet paper rolls are so cute. I want to the squirrel one! Can’t believe how perfect it was that you found one with tattooed men on it! You definitely do need to find the unicorn one though.

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  10. This is delightfully fun! I kind of wish I had scented paper now!
    I think the only quirky claim to fame I have—and its pretty nominal—is loving a good mug for my morning coffee. I really don’t know why I like certain mugs, but I do. I have one from our city and one with a picture of the state on it from a recent NPR member drive. And I have one I picked up from a roadside garage sale more than 20 years ago…

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