Here we go Again! Lock Down Part II

Yep, the announcement came yesterday, Germany will close down many “non-essential” businesses for the next 4 weeks in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19. 

As it happens, Tattoo shop are considered “non-essential”.  We have many customers that do not agree with that statement!  But, in all fairness, tattoos can wait if it means keeping our hospitals from being overrun with Covid cases.

It is frustrating, since we are told that hair salons and barbers will be allowed to stay open.  How is that any safer, or more essential than a tattoo shop?  We have a very good hygiene plan in place for the shop, so again, a bit frustrating.

But, it is what it is, and it’s only for 4 weeks, we will manage. (We have toilet paper, flour, and plenty of food this time.)  I will not see much of my husband in the next few days before the lock down begins as his customers have taken every available slot, late into the evenings. 

Dirk and I have discussed our concerns and worries about the shut down, and we have also been discussing all the positives.  There are definitely more positives as far as we are concerned.

Here’s the positive list we came up with

1.We have a garden that we can enjoy everyday!  During the last shut down we were still living in the apartment, and only had the small balcony to use for time outside the place. 

2.We can go through all the crap in the garage!  (Dirk doesn’t really agree with me that this is a positive.)  We still have A LOT of boxes in the garage that need to be unpacked and put away, or donated.  This will be the perfect time for Dirk to help me with this chore! 

3.It’s always a positive to hang out with our pets!  Jack, Newt and Binxy Cat LOVE it when Dirk is home with us.  So many belly rubs in the foreseeable future and lots of walks!

4.Bonfires whenever the weather allows!  No more having to go to bed early to be rested for work the next day.  If the weather is decent, then we can sit by the fire pit and enjoy some adult beverages.

5.Arts and Crafts EVERYDAY!  Dirk, being an artist, loves to draw and paint.  He doesn’t often get to work on projects for the house, or just for enjoyment since he is always making designs for others.  I have wanted a hand drawn tarot deck for as long as I can remember, and now Dirk has the time to get that project completed!  I am so excited!!  The first deck will have a bird theme, since I am a bit obsessed with birds of all kinds.  He has some ideas for a second deck as well.  Depending on how time intensive this project ends up being, he may be able to make a few for sale.  We will see.

6.More tattoos for me!  Dirk is often too busy for me to just stop in for a tattoo. I don’t want to pester him to tattoo me on a Sunday, normally his only day off from work.  Now he will have 4 free weeks to work on some tattoos for me.  I have a Gonzo the Great tattoo on my right leg that needs to be finished, and he has already drawn up a beautiful raven for my left forearm.  The possibilities are endless really.

7.The very best part of the shut down will be getting to spend time together.  Dirk normally works 6 days a week, and often works late into the night.  We often do not get to spend as much time together as we would both like.  So here we go, 4 weeks!!!

Anyone else getting ready for another shut down, or currently in an area with higher restrictions?  Have you been able to find any positives?  How are you holding up?  Let me know in the comments!

Sunday tattoo

Plenty of time for me to get more tattoos done!!

29 thoughts on “Here we go Again! Lock Down Part II

  1. My state so far is avoiding the spikes others are seeing but we are rising slowly. I don’t see any new restrictions coming anytime soon though. The only thing that kept me sane during the lockdown was my daily walk around the neighborhood

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  2. That’s the spirit! We have to remain positive and take time to enjoy the simple pleasures. I fear the US is headed for a major lockdown due to half the country’s cavalier attitude toward the virus. Luckily my husband can work from home, though I admit having him here 24/7 took a little getting used to.

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      1. Both for sure!!
        I have missed traveling, we had to cancel two trips that we were really looking forward to. The biggest issue about no travel is that my oldest daughter, Sierra, is in the US. Borders are still closed, so no visits from her at Xmas time. That one hits pretty hard. So, I really want this shit to slow down so I can she her again soon!

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      2. We’ve had to cancel two trips as well, which killed me as it’s with our timeshare and if we don’t travel we’ll lose this year’s points we’ve already paid for. And yes, the holidays will be virtually non existent for us. My husband has underlying health issues and we can’t take the chance.

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      1. Hopefully it shouldn’t impact him 🤞🤞🤞. He flies out on Saturday. There is a meeting here on Saturday to decide on further restrictions so I wouldn’t be surprised if we follow Germany into lockdown.

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  3. I am still in from the one so just more of the same here stay safe bs kind and write. Like you we have a lovely home and garden and our lovely rescue pup Lilly. We can listen to our albums until sun up, and have. Spend time in front of the fire reminiscing, and sometimes just listening to the husband play guitar. We watch whole series of randomness on Netflix or Amazon prime, we did Schits Creek in a week, stopping only for food and pee breaks, TV is not our go to thing but it has been of late. I am zooming with the Theatre learning to write audio dramas and radio plays. He is doing allsorts of magnifiscence in and around the home so far, pointed and painted the whole outside (no longer a suffolk pink, but Victorian Ochre) He is designing and making new hand rail and enclosure for the stairs, learned and serviced the boiler. We are both working on losing the gift of the first lockdown the Covid19lbs. The husbands new skill of bread making and a patisserie course assisted with our new Covid shape. We are still here and safe and happy …. except when he messes with my tablet and laptop 😠 or farts on my thigh in bed. But that is a whole other thing. Xx wear a mask, keep your distance wash your hands and pull a funny face! 😇😁

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  4. I live in Charleston, South Carolina, USA and sadly the restrictions aren’t even strong right now even though the numbers have been going up the past few weeks. I’m so glad to see you’re in great spirits with a mandatory lockdown because that really makes the difference. This post also reminds me that I need to stop putting it off and finish my sleeve!

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    1. I still have many friends living in both NC and SC. It scares me to watch the news and see how fast the cases are rising. It’s being made into something political when it is just science. So frustrating. Stay safe and stay healthy!! Oh and visit your tattoo artist soon!!
      Peace and love to you and yours.

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  5. Great reminders. I’m in Wisconsin, USA which has some of the worst numbers right now… that mixed with some of the coldest winters, I’m preparing for a very long couple of months coming. Definitely going to need to keep positive!

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  6. They’re just talking about it on UK radio this morning (our govt likes to test out its “ideas”) Seems like Bojo has finally got the courage from Angela M…she has brains, unlike him

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  7. Garden, bonfires, and together time sound wonderful! Our cases in Maryland are on the slow rise, so I’m hoping my kids can continue to go to school. What we’ve learned (personally/anecdotally) from two months masked-up and distanced at school is that it can be done safely. No COVID cases…And the string of colds we always get at back-to-school time can be prevented. I might just wear my mask in crowds for the long haul!

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  8. Hi there! Fellow Michigander here. My family and I are moving to Germany in a few months and I was hoping I could get a little advice from you on how you got your belongings over there. We’re not bringing a lot but everywhere we have looked it costs several hundred dollars to ship a box or I’m reading reports of scammers. Any advice on how you moved would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
    Kayla – from Charlevoix

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      1. Hi!
        Thanks for your reply. Yeah, that is what we are finding as well – very costly, we are really simplifying and getting rid of practically everything. Mainly what we need to get over there are all of our clothes. Thank you for letting me know what you decided to do. We’ll most likely be around the Frankfurt area.
        Best! Kayla

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