Fear and Loathing in the Time of Covid-19

Today starts the third week that Dirk and Cheyenne have been back to work here in Germany. This gives me so much joy! I want it to continue……..

However, each day there have been news reports discussing the ever rising Covid-19 cases. There is talk of another lock down. Today, the government is meeting to discuss such things.

It is stressing me the fuck out, for lack of other words to describe this situation. I am Stressed The Fuck Out!! (envision screaming woman, crazy hair, wearing the Covid uniform of yoga pants and a band t-shirt)

I think we handled the previous lock downs rather well. Almost gracefully. Some weight was gained, muscle mass lost. But, all in all, we managed to enjoy our time together.

But, I do not think I will handle another shut down well. Not at all. Now, I am fine with wearing a mask, I worked as a nurse for nearly 20 years. Masks are no problem, I will wear one as long as they are recommended/required. Social distancing? I am the freaking Queen of Social Distancing!! I moved to a foreign country, where I an not fluent in the language. If you don’t think that causes social distancing, I don’t know what to tell you. I thrive with social distancing, but please, no more lock downs!

I have watched everything that has ever been released on Netflix, Sky, and Prime. There is nothing else to see, we have seen it all!!

I like being able to pay our bills, with money that we have earned ourselves. It is dreadful, sitting and waiting for government assistance money. Money that is promised, and comes from our own tax dollars, but doesn’t arrive in a timely fashion.

I want the restaurants to open, at least open for outside dining. These people have been closed far too long, and at what cost? I can’t see any benefit, nothing scientific anyway. Open the damn restaurants!

So, this is where I am today. Trapped in my head, worried to death that we may be shut down, again, due to poor government choices, that do not follow science. The slow vaccination program roll outs here in Germany are just shy of criminal.

Rant over. (For now, anyways).

I am trying to remain positive, this has to end at some point.

In the meantime, I have a stack of new books to entertain myself with. I am currently reading three at one time. My tomato seeds have started to sprout, and this gives me great joy. I have beautiful daffodils blooming in my back garden. We are healthy, we have food to eat, and we have hope.

My Gonzo the Great Tattoo reminds me each day to get up, and try something, anything. If or when you fail, you get back up, pull up your gorgeous pink tights, and try again. Gonzo is the eternal optimist, I strive to be more Gonzo like.

How about you? Is your country coming out of lock down, or heading back in? How are you handling the ups and downs of our lives during Covid? Share your stories in the comments, I look forward to hearing from you all!

12 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in the Time of Covid-19

  1. Our restaurants are open and people are getting the vaccine. We started with over 80 age group and essential workers. Our government has also given assistance to small business that had to close. As long as I can get out for a walk I feel okay as still going to work each day. Take care and do what you have to do to remain healthy (physically and mentally)

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    1. Germany started with the elders too, but it has been very slow moving and lots of errors made.
      We also got some assistance for our small business, but it was months after being forced to close. Luckily, we had (keyword is Had) a good emergency savings to live on. However, that is now gone, so any more lock downs and we will be struggling to eat and pay rent.
      I do love my daily dog walks, and I am so thankful to have a beautify garden to sit in and grow things.
      Today is just a tough day, waiting for a news release to tell us what happens to us next. ugh.


  2. My state here in the US has ended capacity limits for businesses but we still have the mask and social distance mandates. I don’t see us going back into lockdown. We finally have a timeline for vaccine eligibility, so my anxiety is down a little. I just need to be able to go see my family this summer.

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  3. I hear you–the cost to businesses has just been so great. And, as you know, every business has at least one family behind it. I hope you don’t have to go back into lockdown, but hopefully your spring weather–and your yard–will ease the pain a little, if you have to. My 81-yo dad is vaccinated and planning to visit for Easter, and that feels like a light at the end of this long dark tunnel. Now I just need to stay away from variants long enough to get vaccinated, myself!

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    1. I had Covid last March, I am hopeful that I have some immunity from that experience, but unsure how long that lasts.(no one really knows yet) I have no idea when my family and I will be able to get vaccinated.
      Yes, the garden is a refuge for sure.
      So happy to hear you get to visit with your dad!!!

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  4. While the US is rolling out the vaccine at a good pace, a good portion of people refuse to take it and young people are going crazy in Florida in an alcohol fueled spring break release of tension. Cases are increasing in some states and I fear we’ll never smarten up.

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