Life With Binxy, the Tomato Killer

Oh, Binxy Cat.  What can I say, you are a force to be reckoned with.

She usually sleeps under our bed.  But, between 0300 and 0500, she climbs into bed with us for a snuggle.  Or more specifically, she lays across my neck for a snuggle.  Have I mentioned that I do have a cat allergy.  It’s not severe, but I have to take daily allergy medicine to have a cat in the house.  Although, I think that having a cat lay across my airway negates any beneficial effects said allergy medicine may have. I always have red eyes, a slight cough and runny/congested nose. Always.

After trying to kill me each morning, she then climbs to the very top of our wardrobe, and sings the songs of her people.  Shortly there after, we get up. What other choice is there?  This tiny black cat rules the house completely.

Recently, I planted some tomato seeds in my living room window.  As many of you know, I was VERY excited about this.  I gave updates about the germination progress and shared photos of my baby tomato plants on social media. I was obsessed and filled with hope for the spring planting.

Initially, Binxy left them alone.  A welcome surprise to say the least.

That was short lived. Very short lived.  Yesterday, while we were eating breakfast, Binxy wandered up to the plants and proceeded to eat 10 of them. She ate the damn plants! It happened in the blink of an eye.  I screamed like a wounded animal as I raced to the window.  She just stood there looking at me, with a tiny tomato leaf hanging out of her mouth.  Poor Dirk had no idea what was going on, just assumed his wife had finally lost her damn mind.  And, maybe I did.

The cat had the good sense to wander away, quickly.

Needless so say, I was not thrilled.  I moved the surviving seedlings to the back garden.  They are very, very small to be hardening already, but that is what I am doing.  They now spend the day outside, and are brought into the garage at night.  So far, so good.

You may be wondering, why do I have two cats when I have a cat allergy?  Why do I have a house full of neurotic and weird animals that rule our lives completely?  Why am I always on the look out for an animal that needs to come live with us?

Because, they fill my heart with joy and laughter.

Even when they eat my prized tomatoes.

Binxy Cat green wall

What kind of crazy things have your pets done?  Tell me about it in the comments.  I look forward to hearing your pet stories!

15 thoughts on “Life With Binxy, the Tomato Killer

  1. They are such little monkeys but we can’t help but love them :). I am not any kind of gardener but maybe you could make a little greenhouse type cover with plastic or plastic bottles if you think the plants are still a little to young to be outside unprotected.

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  2. Glad you are getting your greenhouse. Last year Victor Hugo knocked over a whole flat of peppers, Michael had started. By that time, that particular variety was sold out everywhere. VH was on his poop list for a while. So far, everything is safe this year, fingers crossed. We live with them, love them, and eventually forgive them, don’t we.

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    1. I love this and the line ‘and sings the songs of her people. ‘ I wish I had written that. Our rescue pup once ran around the garden with my bra over her head, to the baffled gaze of the postie. Who stared from her to my chest and back sevral times. I said “it is the cheapest way to dry laundry” and red faced went indoors.. Nothing like pets and children to embarrass us.

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