A Little Kaffee und Kuchen

Wouldn’t be nice if we could all just meet up at the coffee shop and have a little Kaffee und Kuchen?  Coffee and cake for those not living here in Germany. Or maybe some Bier und Bratwurst?  Well, neither are possible here in Germany right now.  As a matter of fact, we just started back on another lockdown. Yes, really.  Another lockdown. No meets up for us anytime soon, I am afraid.  We moved into this house back in the fall, and still haven’t been able to have friends over for a house warming party.

So, here we are, having a little virtual meet up for Kaffee und Kuchen instead.  I guess if we are meeting, I would probably let you know that I am over this cold/cool weather.  I want some warmth, some sunshine.  I have tons of seeds planted in little pots in my greenhouse, and only two have sprouted.  Two!  I am always a bit impatient this time of year, always checking to see what has sprouted.  Would  love to get some things in the ground besides potatoes.  But, like every year, I need to wait and be patient.

While sipping our Kaffee, I would let you know that we bought roller skates!  Yep, Dirk, Cheyenne and myself ordered some old school style skates and I am really looking forward to giving them a go.  Dirk’s haven’t arrived yet, but Cheyenne and mine have.  We still need to get our protective gear too.  The new skates are another reason that I would like some warm, sunny weather!  I will keep you updated on this adventure, it should be a lot of fun.  Don’t worry about us too much, we do live in a country with Universal Healthcare.  Although it would hurt very much if one of us was injured, at least we wouldn’t be bankrupted by hospital bills here.

Did I mention that we got a little harness and leash for Binxy Cat?  Yep, we sure did.  So far, she doesn’t mind the harness.  But, she is a bit frightened when we go into the backyard.  So, we are advancing slowly, baby steps.  The crappy weather hasn’t helped with this adventure much either, more reasons for wanting sunshine and warmth.  I will be sure to share some photos as she gets a little less frightened.

binxy cat outside

Looks like we will be doing lots of grilling over the next several weeks, not just on Sundays anymore.  With Dirk being home from work, we can have cookouts whenever the weather allows (yet ANOTHER reason we are wishing for sunny skies!)  I have taken to posting what I make for dinner on FB lately.  Partially out of boredom( I haven’t gone anywhere in a year!), and partially because I want others to post their dinners too.  It might give me some new ideas of what to cook for dinner here.  I feel like we fall into a rut every so often with our meals. Same thing, every week.  How about you; what have your go to meals been during these weird times?   I am planning on making Moussaka for the first time, with chicken instead of beef.  I have always wanted to give it a try, so wish me luck.

As we refill our coffee cups, I would mention that I am missing my daughter in the States.  This lock down has screwed up many plans for getting together.  Sierra was supposed to come for a visit during last Christmastime, but was unable due to the lockdown.  She is now vaccinated, so we are hoping that she can come this Christmastime.  I would love to visit all the Christmas Markets with her this year.

Speaking of traveling, I have heard from a few expats that have travelled back to the States to get their vaccine. They booked a month trip, visited with family, took care of business and got their vaccines.  We are wondering if this is a smart option for us?  The rollout here in Germany is moving at the speed of molasses rolling up hill, in winter.  It’s ridiculous.  I am not in any big hurry to get vaccinated as I have already had Covid, and that does allow me some natural immunity.  But, with all of the variants, it would be nice to have the vaccine protection as well.  Just a thought right now, will let everyone know if we decide to do this in the future.

So, what is going on with all of you?  Let me know in the comments, I look forward to hearing from you.

9 thoughts on “A Little Kaffee und Kuchen

  1. Another lockdown and slow vaccine rollout must be awful. I’m getting my second shot this morning and sure am glad I don’t have travel internationally to do it. Temps are cold here as well and winter doesn’t want to let go. We had snow yesterday! Kitty doesn’t look too thrilled with the harness… let us know how that goes.

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  2. Germany has always seemed so progressive when it came to healthcare that I am surprised vaccinations are taking do long.

    We were fortune to have a St. Patty’s Day miracle. I was waiting for a prescription for Ralph inside the Walgreens Pharmacy when a woman asked me if I needed a vaccination. They had a few extra!

    Ralph hobbled into the pharmacy and we both got the Johnson and Johnson one-and-done vaccine. He was a little tired for a day and I was queazy and muscle achie for one day. That was all! So much better than getting the virus.

    We both has symptoms of Covid-19 in January of 2020, before we knew what Covid was. Such a weird and scary virus!

    Good luck with your garden!

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  3. We are also back in lockdown as numbers rising with the variants even with people getting vaccinated. I miss the coffee shops and hoping this is stable and places open for the summer. To site on an outside patio. Nothing happening here Spring wise either. Eastern Canada so don’t really have a Spring to speak of. So take care and I guess we make the most of what we have and can do.

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  4. Hadn’t realised that this cold spring was Europe-wide. Been freezing here in the UK too, heartily sick of it. Still at least we can get vaccinated (second shot booked in a week) – the only thing Bodging Bojo has got right. I still wouldn’t vote for him though! Good luck with the weather and the shots!

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