Finally, Some Good News

Yes!  We have some good news from the land of Covid Lock Down, AKA, Germany.  Art of the Needle is FINALLY open again, for now.  The rate of infections in our area has dropped to a level low enough to allow shops, and restaurants to open.(Masks and social distancing still in full effect.  Although, it can all be closed down again if the numbers of infections rise).

As many of you know, our tattoo shop has been closed since December.  It was also not the first time it had to close for such a length of time due to Covid 19 rules.  This past year has been a nightmare, especially for small business owners. It’s nice to be climbing out of lock down after all of this time.

Art of the Needle photo

Our family is on several waiting lists for the vaccine, but still no appointments available.  A few of the places we have looked into have no vaccine on hand and are unsure when they will receive more doses. How does this happen in a country like Germany?  In truth, we are not overly concerned with rushing to be vaccinated as we have all had the virus already.  But, with several places requiring/recommending vaccination to travel, we do want the injections sooner than later.

Other good news is the garden is doing well, even though the temps have been on the cool side.  We have been getting plenty of rain and the veggies are loving that.  Me, not so much.  I would love a nice warm, sunny day.  The garden is full of purple potatoes, tomatoes, yellow squash, and zucchini, and all are thriving.  I have green and yellow pole beans in pots, hoping they will grow up the poles and form a tepee type formation.  I found that idea online and it looked like a nice space saver, as well as making it easy to harvest the beans when ready. The greenhouse is full of little pepper plants, aubergine, and more tomatoes. I am just waiting for the seedlings to get big enough to move out to larger pots.  I am going to try and squeeze a few more tomato plants into the garden, and the rest will have to go into pots.  I think I have 4 or 5 varieties of peppers growing, ranging from sweet peppers to “make you cry from the heat” varieties.  My hope is to be able to share some of the pepper plants with Thierry, AKA my plant gifting friend.  When we lived in the apartment building, he frequently dropped “homeless plants” off on my doorstep for me to care for.

Now, all we need is some warm weather and sunshine so we can finally have our housewarming party!!  We moved in last fall, and haven’t been able to invite friends over due to the Covid restrictions.  It will be so wonderful to have everyone over for a BBQ!!

How about you?  Anyone else finally get some good news in their lives?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “Finally, Some Good News

  1. I am so glad that life is beginning to normalize!

    My hubby had back surgery and is recovering well. We both look forward to the time when he can sit straight in comfort long enough to eat a meal in a restaurant.

    We were fortune to receive the Johnson and Johnson one-and-done. It was a St. Patrick’s day miracle. I was waiting in the Walgreens for Ralph’s pain meds when a nice lady asked if I needed a vaccine. Apparently they had a few doses left and the appointments for the day were done. We were so happy!

    I think of the vaccine as a booster for us, as like you, we’d already had Covid. It was awful for me. I don’t wish it on anyone.

    Congratulations on your garden and the shop re-opening!!

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  2. Thankfully vaccinations are rolling out quickly and efficiently here and our state is almost 70% covered. Businesses are all open though some still require masks. We see light at the end of the tunnel.. hope you will soon.

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  3. We are easing restrictions June 2nd. Restaurants can open outdoor patios. Still physically distancing. Estheticians are also opening (still masking). Our numbers rose end of April everything shutdown again. Hoping for a bit more freedom this summer. We are working at getting everyone in province their first vaccine by the end of June. Our government did it my age or over 80 first and worked down from their. Take care.

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  4. Husband and I also have received our vaccinations, so all good on that end. Glad we did as we had to take care of two of our grandkids while Mommy and Daddy went to hospital to have another baby last week. That made it easier for us to go there and be with the others.
    Hope you will have your vacs sooner rather than later.
    Good to hear about all those veggies coming along and also about your shop opening up again. All the best to you all in Germany.

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