Be aware of Wild Pigs in Germany

Recently, I was out walking Jack the Husky and we came across a rather large carcass of a dead pig.  The poor creature had tried to run across the train tracks, and didn’t make it in time.  I am aware that there are many wild pigs living all around us here in Germany, but seeing the dead pig up close was quite the reminder to be cautious on our walks. They are much bigger up close and in person compared to the photos online.

When I got home, I let Cheyenne know about the poor piggy and I reminded her to be alert when walking in the woods.  We laughed about other encounters that Germans have had with wild pigs.  A while back a wild pig story made the International news.  Some German guy was sunbathing, nude, and a sneaky swine stole his lap top bag and made a run for it. (There was food in the bag holding the lap top.  As far as I know, wild pigs are not generally interesting in stealing electronics.) The news covered the story with the naked man chasing the pig through a park, I believe he did manage to get the lap top back after the pig tired of it and let it drop. (Here’s a link to a story about the pig chase.

Anyway, the idea that wild pigs were so very close really stuck with Cheyenne.  So, she was staying out of the woods, and instead walking a nice tree lined path that runs along the train tracks.  It’s a path that is well used by other dog walkers.  A day or so after finding the dead boar, Cheyenne came home with Jack and was a bit frightened and very concerned.  She was quite certain that there was a large pig laying next to a tree on her walk.  She was unsure if it was just sleeping, injured or dead.

This seemed unlikely to me as the path is so frequently used, but, it is very near to where the other pig had been killed.  So, it could be an issue.

On a side note, my daughter is blind as a bat without her contacts or glasses.  Also, she tends to forget to put her contacts in before going for walks, and she rarely wears her glasses when walking as well.  She can see shapes and colours, but nothing is defined.

I decided to take that path when I walked the dog and was on high alert for wild boar.  Soon after starting down the path I saw it!  It was brownish grey and was laying on its side right beside a tree, just like she described. It was quite large.

I got closer and found her wild boar.

pig bucket

If you are wearing your glasses, you may notice that her “wild boar” is actually a large, discarded bucket lying next to a tree.

If you know Cheyenne, and happen to run into her while out and about, please do not get offended if she doesn’t recognize you.  She probably isn’t wearing her glasses/contacts.


13 thoughts on “Be aware of Wild Pigs in Germany

  1. Ha! In so many ways I think of Germany being like woodsy areas of the U.S. , but I’ve never encountered a wild pig on a walk. I have been eating some wild boar. My husband gets us all kinds of weird stuff. I recently made bison tongue tacos, which were pretty good until you think about the fact you’re eating a tongue.

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  2. Lol this is so funny! I often go running without my glasses, so I could totally imagine making the same mistake!

    They have wild boars in Japan too. The main advice people told e was to carry an umbrella, as they all seem to think they’ll be scared of umbrellas!?

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  3. Great story!
    I never saw a wild pig while walking but friends of mine crashed into one while driving. Car was totaled, so be careful!
    Also don‘t go near them when they have little ones, I hear the mothers can be quite aggressive then.

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