Another Update From Abroad

Yesterday, I decided to clean out the cupboards and see what we have, and determine how long the supplies will last.  Apparently, I have been hoarding lasagna noodles way before it was a thing to hoard noodles.  I found three packages!  Why the hell did I have three packages of lasagna noodles in my cupboard!  […]

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Papers Towels, AKA Macho Blow

Cheyenne brought home a nasty cold virus last week.  She is a snot machine.  She was sick enough to visit the doctor, and was given an Entschuldigung(work/school note) for three days off from work.  Three days at home spent spreading the damn virus to me and Dirk. Dirk and I started fighting the snots a […]

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We will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving.  No, the rest of Germany has not started celebrating this very American holiday, but  here at the McKay Horst & Rackley house we will be roasting a bird. Like most Americans, we have never celebrated the original meaning of Thanksgiving, you know, where the pilgrims came, ate with the […]

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Mom Stories

After my last blog post, many kind people suggested that I try to think of all the good times that I had with my mom.  To try and stay focused on the happy, and not the sad memories associated with her. So, in response to those suggestions I have come up with a few of […]

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