I Think I am Allergic to Germany

I am pretty sure that I am allergic to Germany.  It all started at the beginning of May, and has continued into June.  My eyes turned red, began burning, itching and watering.  My throat became so itchy and scratchy.  I started to sneeze constantly, and have been sneezing all day and into the night. And […]

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A Sunday Hike at Maria Laach

This past Sunday, we spent the afternoon hiking around a lake in the Eifel area of Germany.  The area is hilly and very green.  It’s just beautiful to drive through.  It’s also an area that was created by volcanic activity. This lake was created when a volcano cone collapsed well over 10, 000 years ago.  […]

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Drinks with Friends

I miss being able to go have drinks with friends. There, I said it.  I miss those cups of coffee or tea with hours of conversation, and I really miss those multiple martinis during Happy Hour after work.   I have been living in Germany for 9 months. 9 fun filled months of seeing new […]

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Hallo Burbach!

We spend last Sunday afternoon with my In laws, as we often do.  We had another wonderful meal, plenty of wine, a perfect, sunny afternoon. We also had good conversation.  My husband, Dirk, translates for me so that I can be a part of the conversation too.  I can follow some of it on my […]

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10 Months in Germany

It has really been just shy of a year since we moved to Germany!  As many of you know, my family sold or donated most of our belongings, packed up two bags and a backpack each, got on a plane and moved to Germany last year. Our household has changed a lot since arriving last […]

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The 1st of May

“First of May, First of May.  Outdoor screwing begins today!”  One of my favourite sayings to start out the month of May.  The quote is from a wonderful nurse that I used to work with, Nita Leosh.  She would sing it out loud for all to hear on May 1st! Today is May 1st and […]

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