A Little Under the Weather

I can tell you almost exactly the moment that I began to feel ill.  Friday, June 29th at around 1330. Cheyenne and I had just finished our A1 Language Exam and were walking through the streets of Köln.  It was a very warm day, but I suddenly started feeling a bit chilled.  Chilled yet still […]

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Expat or Immigrant?

A simple definition of the word Expat, short for Expatriate, is a person who is living outside of their home/native country. A simple definition of Immigrant, is someone who moves to another country to live permanently. Although, I am often referred to as an Expat by many, even I have referred to myself as an […]

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Sugar Sugar

Oh, how I love sweet things.  Eis, pies, cakes, candy bars, frou-frou coffees, you name it, I probably love it. But, it doesn’t love me.  Well, maybe it does, sort of.  It does tend to stick with me so to speak.  Like a spare tire around my middle sticking with me. Prior to my move […]

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Airport Run with Jack the Dog

Today we made the last airport run of the summer.  The second run this week. We brought my friend, Suzie to Dusseldorf airport this morning so that she could catch her plane back to the States.  We have had two visitors from the USA over the past month, and Suzie was the last to leave. […]

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The Balcony Garden is Growing

I am not going to lie, I REALLY MISS having a backyard with a large veggie garden.  At my last house, we planted no less than 50 tomato plants each planting season.  Several types of squash, beans, eggplants, broccoli, onions, and peppers to name just a few of the plants.  People do tend to have […]

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Life with Jack, the Mullhund.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day cleaning.  We have our next summer guest flying in tomorrow and I wanted to tidy the house up a bit.  I mopped all of the floors, changed all the linen, and dusted.  I even bought a new scented thingie for the bathroom. The house was clean and fresh. […]

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Nurse Life: The New Doctor

One evening on the night shift, I got stuck working in a pod by myself.  Most of the pods in this ER had 8 beds, two RN’s and an ED Tech.  I got stuck working the one pod that had just 4 beds, so no second nurse was needed and we were short Ed Techs, […]

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