A Brief Visit to the U.S.A.

For those of you who haven’t heard, I made a quick 7 day trip to Michigan in September.  It was kind of a big deal since I had not been back to the States in the over 4 years that I have been living in Germany.  I had not seen my oldest daughter, Sierra in […]

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Basterd Suiker and Imported Cranberry Sauce, the Struggles of Living Abroad During the Holiday Season

For the most part, I have easily adapted to the food here in Germany.  I love the easy access of fresh food, and I really do love many of the regular dishes that are prepared here.  It makes me so happy that there are fewer fast food chains around than Stateside.  Even though I do […]

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Expat or Immigrant?

A simple definition of the word Expat, short for Expatriate, is a person who is living outside of their home/native country. A simple definition of Immigrant, is someone who moves to another country to live permanently. Although, I am often referred to as an Expat by many, even I have referred to myself as an […]

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Karneval 2018

I know that Karneval has been over for a few weeks now.  It has taken me that long to completely recover from it all.(Here is a great article to bring you up to speed about all that is Karneval)  To say that it was like nothing else I have ever experienced is an understatement.  I […]

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Our First Christmas in Germany

2017, our first Christmas spent in Germany.  The first time my German husband has been home to celebrate Christmas with his family in 5 years.  It did not disappoint, a great time was had by all that attended. Dirk’s Mom outdid herself with the food.  She must have spent all day prepping the veggies, meats […]

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It’s Almost Karneval in Koln

This 11-11 at 11:11am will be our first experience with the Karneval season in Köln.  I have heard so much about it from my husband and friends.  It sounds like nothing I have ever experienced before, and we are super excited for this coming Saturday.  We are not completely sure what to expect, but we […]

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House Guest

Today our first house guest arrives from the United States.  Dirk and Sierra just left for the airport in Dusseldorf to pick up Danielle.  We have the fold out couch all set and ready for her stay.  Everyone is super excited to have Danielle visit, even though she is actually a friend of Sierra’s and […]

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