We Have Some Exciting News!!

Yes Indeed!  We have some exciting news to share.  Dirk and I will be opening a second tattoo shop, this time in our home village of Weilerswist!!  I would like to introduce the new shop, The Inky Needle Tattoo Parlour, located in Weilerswist, Germany!!  We are planning to be ready to open in November, 2021.  […]

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Finally, Some Good News

Yes!  We have some good news from the land of Covid Lock Down, AKA, Germany.  Art of the Needle is FINALLY open again, for now.  The rate of infections in our area has dropped to a level low enough to allow shops, and restaurants to open.(Masks and social distancing still in full effect.  Although, it […]

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Die Omas Approval

Dirk and I married just about 5 years ago.  We dated long distance for a few years before that, really long distance.  He was in Germany and I was in the United States.  Dating was very expensive as we had to fly to another country to have a coffee together. It took us a while […]

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