January 2023-same me, new year

Here we are, almost through January.  I just realized that I did not make any New Year Resolutions.  I generally make a few, nothing major.  I do like to draw attention to things I would like to change or create in my life each New Year.  For some reason, I just forgot this year.

Maybe it’s because I do not have much about my life that I would like to change.  I am quite pleased with my daily routines, and I like our occasional excursion here and there.  This makes me sound like I am 82 and not 52, but it’s true.  I like my life.

But, since it crossed my mind, I figured I should make some plans for this new year.

  1. I signed up for an in-person language class.  I have been using Babbel,(would definitely recommend) with quite a bit of success I might add.  But, it is time to get back to traditional classes.  The big start date is at the end of February.  Wish me luck!
  2. I plan to continue lifting weights.  I started about 8 months ago, and have been feeling pretty good.  I am going to stick with it and add some work with my kettle bells as well.
  3. I am officially no longer coloring my hair.  I haven’t bleached it in about a year and a half, but, I am always thinking about it.Sometimes I put a temporary grey on it, just to even things out a bit.  But, I will no longer bleach it or color it.  Time to accept the years of the crone, and look the part!
  4. I am working on gathering all the seeds that I need for the garden this year.  I will get them started indoors or in the greenhouse in February.
  5. We are going to give hydroponic towers a try this year.  Dirk has assured me that he will build me two next month.  We had such issues with drought the past two years that I think hydroponics is the way to go for my tomatoes and leafy greens. They require so much less water than a traditional garden plot.  I will still use my garden plot, just adding towers to the mix.
  6. I want to get back to writing on a more regular basis.  Not sure how I got so far away from it, but I did.

So, for the most part, I am keeping up with my same routines, just adding a few things. Always adding new plants of course!  I just planted some pomegranate seeds, hoping to have a small pomegranate tree in my living room!

Plant corner 2023

How about you?  Any big changes in store for your New Year?  Or, staying the same course? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!


10 thoughts on “January 2023-same me, new year

  1. I’m always saying I’ll add some more plants inside my home. I have one plant (my daughter gave to me) and a cactus (my mother gave to me) .
    This might be the year when I’ll go out and buy a plant! I believe indoor plants are highly beneficial to our health.

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  2. I have never made any resolutions. I just go day by day / week by week / month by month and try to do better than the previous one. We have moved house about 4 months ago, so that was a huge for us after nearly 16 years but I embraced the change and am happy in our new home.
    Can you believe it, after more than 2 years waiting, I am happy to have heard that my knee surgery will take place mid February, and I am all ready and set for that. I am more in the pool at the moment than home in order to practice and strengthen my knee for post-surgery recovery.
    For the rest, I am just trying to keep up with my blog, and with the possible time away with the surgery, scheduling and getting my ducks in a row.
    For the rest of the year, I am working on updating my OLD blog and trying to rewrite and give the recipes a facelift and make it more appealing for my readers.

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  3. Your day-to-day sounds good. And I’m happy to get a good review of Babbel. I plan to visit my brother in Spain and I would like to brush up on the old college Spanish so I can manage to get a few words out. So, that’s one thing I would like to do this year. Another is keep up with my pilates-type exercises, in addition to my walking. It’s really helped with my strength and balance, only a month or so in! I could stand to get more weights in … but one thing at a time!

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