Hallo Burbach!

We spend last Sunday afternoon with my In laws, as we often do.  We had another wonderful meal, plenty of wine, a perfect, sunny afternoon. We also had good conversation.  My husband, Dirk, translates for me so that I can be a part of the conversation too.  I can follow some of it on my […]

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10 Months in Germany

It has really been just shy of a year since we moved to Germany!  As many of you know, my family sold or donated most of our belongings, packed up two bags and a backpack each, got on a plane and moved to Germany last year. Our household has changed a lot since arriving last […]

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The 1st of May

“First of May, First of May.  Outdoor screwing begins today!”  One of my favourite sayings to start out the month of May.  The quote is from a wonderful nurse that I used to work with, Nita Leosh.  She would sing it out loud for all to hear on May 1st! Today is May 1st and […]

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Fried Pie Joy

Do you remember back in 1992 when McDonald’s in the USA decided to take away the fried apple and cherry pies?  Well, I do.  It was a sad day.  They replaced them with a baked pie that tasted like hot cardboard.  A sad day indeed. The fried pies were delicious and reminded me a happy […]

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Nurse Life: The Pocketbook

Yesterday my husband and I went out with some friends.  I wore a long sundress, and of course it had no pockets.  I didn’t want to be burdened with carrying a purse, so I left everything at home.  I think it makes you feel a bit naked to not have pockets, or a pocketbook with […]

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