I Suck at Travel Blogging

I know that I am not a travel blogger.  But, whenever we travel, I always have high hopes of writing a great travel post.  The kind that people will want to read before they book their own trips.  The hopes quickly fade as soon as all of our plans change. This happens every time Dirk […]

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Spring in February

It seems that Spring has Sprung here in Western Germany, it is only February.  For the past two weeks we have had lots of sunshine and temps in the high 50’s and low 60’s.  It has been glorious! Yesterday, Dirk, Jack and myself went for a bit of a hike.  We found some trails that […]

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Newt Goes to the Vet

Poor Newt, he has been having some issues lately.  A few weeks ago I noticed he was going to his littler box very frequently.  I also noticed, that he was trying to pee, but very little was actually coming out.  He was eating and drinking well, and did not see to be in any distress.  […]

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