Here we go Again! Lock Down Part II

Yep, the announcement came yesterday, Germany will close down many “non-essential” businesses for the next 4 weeks in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19.  As it happens, Tattoo shop are considered “non-essential”.  We have many customers that do not agree with that statement!  But, in all fairness, tattoos can wait if it means […]

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Another Update From Abroad

Yesterday, I decided to clean out the cupboards and see what we have, and determine how long the supplies will last.  Apparently, I have been hoarding lasagna noodles way before it was a thing to hoard noodles.  I found three packages!  Why the hell did I have three packages of lasagna noodles in my cupboard!  […]

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An Update From Abroad

As many of you have heard, the German borders have been closed and there have been many changes made to our daily lives here.  Social isolation is encouraged, people are being asked to stay home as much as possible.  It’s difficult to find toilet paper, rice and pasta.  Why? I may never know.  We have […]

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