First blog post, no really, it’s my first blog post

This is the post excerpt.

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It’s Almost Karneval in Koln

This 11-11 at 11:11am will be our first experience with the Karneval season in Köln.  I have heard so much about it from my husband and friends.  It sounds like nothing I have ever experienced before, and we are super excited for this coming Saturday.  We are not completely sure what to expect, but we […]

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House Guest

Today our first house guest arrives from the United States.  Dirk and Sierra just left for the airport in Dusseldorf to pick up Danielle.  We have the fold out couch all set and ready for her stay.  Everyone is super excited to have Danielle visit, even though she is actually a friend of Sierra’s and […]

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Dog Envy

Germans love dogs.  Everywhere you go you see dogs, all types of dogs.  Big ones, small ones, Pure bred and mixed breeds.  Dogs are welcomed nearly everywhere here in Germany.  Many of the pubs and stores have bowls of water set out for the thirsty, four-legged friends. The dogs are also very well behaved.  I […]

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Die Omas Approval

Dirk and I married just about 5 years ago.  We dated long distance for a few years before that, really long distance.  He was in Germany and I was in the United States.  Dating was very expensive as we had to fly to another country to have a coffee together. It took us a while […]

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The Honeymoon is over….

O.K., most of my F.B. posts and other social interactions have been all “Unicorns and Sunshine” regarding my recent move abroad to Germany.  I have been making sure to let everyone know how much I love it here, and how awesome everything has been.  It is all true, I promise.  But, I think the honeymoon […]

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Grocery Shopping in Germany

I went to the grocery store today.  The chore of grocery shopping used to be just that, a chore.  Now that I am living in Germany, the grocery store feels like an exotic adventure.  Well, an adventure anyway.  I do not speak much German, really just enough to get to and from the grocery store.  […]

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