I received an exciting notification a few days ago.  WordPress let me know that I had reached 500 followers on my little blog.  It’s amazing really, since only a handful of those that follow me are people that I have met in real life.  Most I have never met before! Well, not yet anyway.  We […]

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A Brief Glimpse of Sunshine

It has been grey, cold and raining for 40 days and 40 nights.  The amount of rain we get here during a western Germany winter is almost biblical. OK, I may be exaggerating a tad, just a tad.  But seriously, I think the last time I saw the sun it was September, it’s now January. […]

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Papers Towels, AKA Macho Blow

Cheyenne brought home a nasty cold virus last week.  She is a snot machine.  She was sick enough to visit the doctor, and was given an Entschuldigung(work/school note) for three days off from work.  Three days at home spent spreading the damn virus to me and Dirk. Dirk and I started fighting the snots a […]

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Basterd Suiker and Imported Cranberry Sauce, the Struggles of Living Abroad During the Holiday Season

For the most part, I have easily adapted to the food here in Germany.  I love the easy access of fresh food, and I really do love many of the regular dishes that are prepared here.  It makes me so happy that there are fewer fast food chains around than Stateside.  Even though I do […]

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Christmas Tag

The idea of playing “Christmas Tag” came from the lovely Debbie at Deb’s World.  Please stop by her blog to read her Christmas Tag post.  I would love to hear your answers too, so feel free to join in the game!  You can still join in even if Christmas isn’t your thing, just answer the […]

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We will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving.  No, the rest of Germany has not started celebrating this very American holiday, but  here at the McKay Horst & Rackley house we will be roasting a bird. Like most Americans, we have never celebrated the original meaning of Thanksgiving, you know, where the pilgrims came, ate with the […]

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