First blog post, no really, it’s my first blog post

This is the post excerpt.

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Friday Fun: Kitchen gadgets

I have been buying kitchen gadgets for as long as I have had my own place.  So, a long time.  Sadly, I had to leave them all behind when I moved to Germany, there was no room in my luggage and it was too expensive to ship.  I love to be in the kitchen cooking […]

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Friday Fun: Making Plans

Although this past week here in Germany has been the coldest that it has been all winter,(I know, I know, it’s been nothing compared to a West Michigan Winter) I know that Spring is on it’s way.  I have seen the daffodils starting to come up through the cold ground, I have also seen a […]

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Karneval 2018

I know that Karneval has been over for a few weeks now.  It has taken me that long to completely recover from it all.(Here is a great article to bring you up to speed about all that is Karneval)  To say that it was like nothing else I have ever experienced is an understatement.  I […]

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Soundtrack of Your Life

I know I have mentioned before how I love to read blogs.  It’s part of my daily routine now.  Laundry, then read a post from Just another blog from a woman.  Dishes, then read a post from Hot Mess Memoir. Bake the bread, start dinner..oh time for a post from Losing the Plot.  OK, you […]

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The Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!

I was lucky enough to be nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by The Hot Mess Memoir. Thank you Thank you!! I STRONGLY encourage everyone to take a moment to check out her blog.  But, be sure that you have 1. Peed before reading(as not to pee a little during the laughter), and 2. Do […]

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