First blog post, no really, it’s my first blog post

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Daily Life

Hello out there! Before I left the States, I had several friends and co-workers suggest that I start this blog.  So, at their suggestion, I started writing about our lives so that I could take them all  along with me on our great adventure.  We have been here in Germany for almost 6 months now.  […]

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Blogger Recognition Award

I started my day as usual today with a small, quiet breakfast with my husband.  We had some coffee and some fresh baked bread.  I sent him off to the Art of the Needle to work.  I then began my daily chores, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, chatting with the plants, watering said plants, and so on. […]

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Riding with Jim

Originally posted on Tattoobydirk:
Portrait tattoos are commonly done of famous musicians and artists.  One day, a lady stopped into the shop to ask if I could fix an old tattoo.  She said she had a tattoo on her leg of Jim Morrison and that it needed to be “touched up”.  She had been to…

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Prior to meeting my now husband, I had not done much traveling outside of the USA and Canada.  I had been to Mexico and some Caribbean Islands, but never to Europe.  One of the many things to catch my eye during my travels abroad were the toilets. I know, I know, most people come home […]

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Pomegranates for Christmas

Growing up, I always received a pomegranate or two at Christmastime.  It was a favorite treat that I got from my grandmother.  My mom would occasionally pick up a few as well, since she knew how much I loved them.  But there were strong rules for where I could eat the lovely pomegranates. Must wear […]

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