We Have Some Exciting News!!

Yes Indeed!  We have some exciting news to share.  Dirk and I will be opening a second tattoo shop, this time in our home village of Weilerswist!!  I would like to introduce the new shop, The Inky Needle Tattoo Parlour, located in Weilerswist, Germany!!  We are planning to be ready to open in November, 2021.  I will let you know an official date as things come together.  We will also plan on having a Grand Opening Party where everyone can meet the new artists, have some drinks/snacks, and maybe even schedule their first appointments!

The Inky Needle logo

We have lots of renovating to do before I can share pictures, right now it is pretty rough looking.  We have lots of painting, and cleaning to do this coming month!

Dirk will be staying at Art of the Needle in Brühl, but will probably take Sunday appointments at The Inky Needle.  (Because he is a workaholic! At least he can walk to the new shop, and will be able to be home at a reasonable time for dinner.)

We are currently looking for two artists for this shop, Dirk is working on that aspect of things.  I am just trying to clean, decorate and gather all the needed items.

We are hoping to make this shop similar to Art of the Needle in that everyone is welcome to stop by for a coffee and some conversation.  No Rock Stars, Prima Donnas or Drama Queens allowed, just real people who happen to love tattoos.

Death Tattoo 2021

This is a photo of a tattoo Dirk did for me earlier this year, the character Death from the Neil Gaimon Sandman comic series.


26 thoughts on “We Have Some Exciting News!!

  1. Eeeee, this is such exciting news! I have four tattoos and I’m absolutely ITCHING to get more. This post is not helping haha. Congratulations! That is the best update 🙂

    xo, Carena

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